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AOD9604 & Semaglutide Stack: What are the Benefits?

It wouldn’t make sense to end 2021 without something you can use to accelerate your path towards the most common New Year’s resolution: Fat loss.

And for that I want to present something new: Using the weight loss drug Semaglutide and the peptide AOD9604 in combination for melting off stubborn body fat.

This is something I was going to feature in the eventual second edition of Guaranteed Shredded, but I wanted to give you the sneak peak first.

Massive credit goes to Dr. Rudolph Eberwein of the Medical Health Institute (MHI) peptide/hormone clinic and his colleagues at the Miami-based “A New You” weight loss clinic

They’ve successfully used both compounds alone and in combination with their clinically obese patients and seen nothing but extraordinary results, which prompted me to try it for myself.

Who Should Take the AOD9604 and Semaglutide Stack?

Semaglutide & AOD9604

Before I introduce the AOD9604 & Semaglutide stack for fat loss, allow me to explain what it’s done for me so far.

I got wind of this unusual combination when my friends were 100% convinced it was better than using pure human growth hormone (HGH).

And as someone who regularly micro-doses HGH, I had a baseline to compare my results against.

One friend got super-shredded within 2 months despite eating ‘less than stellar’ non-stop.

And after using the stack for just 24 days now, I knew I had stumbled upon something truly worthy of being called “Golden Age”.

When I fast for 14-22 hours using The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, I’m usually super hungry by the time I break my fast.

Downing 3 grass-fed burgers is usually effortless… but with AOD9604 and Semaglutide, I had to FORCE myself to even eat just one!

Using both compounds before the gym and before fasted cardio had me sweating like a pig from my normal routine and nothing else.

However, there is one major warning I need to be transparent about…

This fat-burning bio-hack works best for people who are already at a low body fat percentage and are considerably muscular. 

Can it work for obese people?

It certainly will and does, as Dr. Eberwein has used it successfully with his overweight patients to make weight loss infinitely easier.

Just make sure you keep your expectations realistic — this is not a beginner-level stack or a quick fix to lose 90 pounds in 90 days!

What is Semaglutide and How Does It Work?

Semaglutide is a glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist (GLP-1 RA) that was produced by pharmaceutical copmany Novo Nordisk in 2012.

As of today, it is FDA-approved under three separate brand names:

  • Ozempic — approved in 2014 for lowering blood glucose and HBA1C in type 2 diabetics as a once-a-week subcutaneous injection
  • Rybelsus — approved in 2019 as the once-a-day oral formulation of Ozempic
  • Wegovy — approved on June 4, 2021 for chronic weight management in overweight patients (BMI > 27 kg/m2) with one weight-loss related ailment (ex. diabetes), or obese patients (BMI > 30 kg/m2)

The last brand name is particularly important as we have NOT had a weight loss drug approved since 2014.

And already, everybody is calling it the “game changer for obesity”:

“Semaglutide was widely praised, prompting such high demand that there were shortages within months of Wegovy’s entrance into the market.

…In late 2021, Novo Nordisk announced that it was unable to manufacture enough semaglutide to fill some prescriptions.

The company has said shortages will likely continue until the second half of 2022.”

So how exactly does Semaglutide work?

The secret behind this drug isn’t the direct reduction of fat, but rather a significant alternation in the BEHAVIORS associated with obesity:

“GLP-1 RAs have repeatedly shown promising results in the reduction of body weight in obese patients with and without diabetes. They are also successful at improving glycemic control by stimulating insulin secretion and inhibiting glucagon secretion without the onset of hypoglycemia.

The most notable known mechanisms [for weight loss] are linked with the central and peripheral nervous systems through direct activation of the hypothalamus and hindbrain or indirect activation via the vagus nerve, resulting in reduced appetite and food intake. 

Projections from the nucleus tractus solitarius in the hindbrain to the ventral tegmental area and the nucleus accumbens can implicate GLP-1 in influencing reward and motivation reactions toward food as well, reducing general palatability… Overall, the mechanisms appear to affect energy intake and not resting metabolic rate.”

Long story short, it successfully regulates your appetite by restoring the signaling system that tells your body “I’m full, I don’t want to eat anymore.”

The more you over-eat, the more you bypass your body’s signal to quit eating and eventually you end up wondering why you ate so much to the point of being overstuffed.

Such is the vicious cycle of the fat type-2 diabetes patient who says “I know what to do, I have the information, but I’m hungry and I cannot stop eating because my appetite and cravings are out of control.”

But for obese people, both diabetics and non-diabetics, Semaglutide may be the answer.

The most notable evidence proving this comes from a 68-week clinical trial involving 1961 patients and a once-a-week dose of 2.4 mg:

The mean change in body weight from baseline to week 68 was −14.9% in the semaglutide group as compared with −2.4% with placebo, for an estimated treatment difference of −12.4 percentage points (95% confidence interval [CI], −13.4 to −11.5; P<0.001).

More participants in the semaglutide group than in the placebo group achieved weight reductions of 5% or more (1047 participants [86.4%] vs. 182 [31.5%]), 10% or more (838 [69.1%] vs. 69 [12.0%]), and 15% or more (612 [50.5%] vs. 28 [4.9%]) at week 68 (P<0.001 for all three comparisons of odds).

The change in body weight from baseline to week 68 was −15.3 kg in the semaglutide group as compared with −2.6 kg in the placebo group (estimated treatment difference, −12.7 kg; 95% CI, −13.7 to −11.7).

Participants who received semaglutide had a greater improvement with respect to cardiometabolic risk factors and a greater increase in participant-reported physical functioning from baseline than those who received placebo”

The best part?

According to a separate study lasting a total of 2 years, the weight loss actually remains:

“In the STEP 5 trial, adults with overweight and obesity treated with weekly semaglutide subcutaneous injections lost an average of more than 15% of their body weight from baseline through 104 weeks, compared with the placebo group’s less than 3% weight loss. Participants also were far more likely to lose at least 5%, 10%, 15%, or 20% of their body weight with semaglutide.

Conducted in 5 countries, the study compared semaglutide 2.4 mg with placebo among 304 adults without diabetes who were obese or overweight and had at least 1 weight-related comorbidity. Both groups followed a reduced-calorie meal plan and increased physical exercise during the trial.”

So on top of helping obese people do what their mind wants them to do, we also see a marked reduction in blood sugar and other factors associated with chronic disease.

And while behavior regulation is arguably the most difficult part of weight loss, why not add in something that turns the body into a metabolic furnace?

What is AOD9604 and How Does It Work?

(NOTE: I AM publishing an article exclusively focusing on AOD9604 in the immediate future, so what you’re about to see is the quick and dirty summary)

Short for “Advanced Obesity Drug”, AOD 9604 peptide is a modified form of amino acids #176-191 at the C-terminus of the human growth hormone (HGH) peptide.

Making up less than 10% of the total peptide, it appears to induce the fat-reducing effects attributable to hGH (i.e. this region of HGH is lipolytic, aka fat-burning):

“GH inhibits adipocyte differentiation, reduces triglyceride accumulation, increases lipolysis and consequently reduces adipose tissue mass . Early studies with GHdeficient individuals indicated the role of the hormone in the regulation of body composition.

Studies with recombinant GH demonstrated the reduction of adiposity in obese otherwise healthy men and women. However, due to the unwanted side effects, such as glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, hypertension and edema, exerted by other functional domains of the intact hGH molecule limited its use as pharmacotherapy for obesity”

In other words, AOD9604 induces fat loss without the side effect of insulin resistance seen in many other peptides that stimulate growth hormone production/release.

Although I could only find rat studies on PubMed, the peptide has generated excellent results in a Phase 2b clinical trial run by Metabolic Pharmaceuticals:

“The drug – codenamed AOD9604 – was taken orally once daily by 300 obese patients at five trial sites over a 12-week period. Six doses were used – 0 mg (placebo), 1mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg and 30 mg.

The group receiving the 1mg dose lost the most weight, averaging a weight loss over the 12 weeks of 2.8 kilograms, more than triple the weight lost by those on placebo, who lost an average of 0.8 kilograms. The rate of weight loss was maintained throughout the treatment period, an encouraging trend for expectations of longer-term dosing.”

So what we have is a peptide that can effectively break down visceral adipose tissue (VAT) and reduce the rate at which fatty foods are converted into body fat.

Semaglutide and AOD9604 Dosage for Fat Loss

Dr. Eberwein shared the following dosing protocol with me for using AOD9604 and Semaglutide simultaneously:

  • Semaglutide — start with a 0.25 mg subcutaneous injection once a week, increasing the dose every 4 weeks up to a maximum of 2.4 mg
  • AOD9604 — a subcutaneous injection of 300 mcg once a day, going as high as 500-600 mcg

(NOTE: While Dr. Eberwein states most of his obese patients already see results within the 0.25 mg – 1.25 mg range for his patients, healthy individuals may need something different.)

As both peptides are injectable solutions, you will need to rotate injection sites for best results.

Effectively, what you have here is perhaps the “holy grail” of weight loss that solves two long-standing problems:

  1. Appetite is being suppressed
  2. The rate at which your body burns fat is increased

Add in the usage of therapeutic testosterone, metformin and dessicated thyroid you have a serious metabolic syndrome crusher that markedly lowers chronic inflammation!

Possible Side Effects of Semaglutide and AOD9604 Use

Semaglutide’s safety profile is excellent… in fact, it already has a great head start as a non-stimulant appetite suppressant.

(For those of you wanting to go down this rabbit hole, take a look at what happened to phentermine, known on the streets as “phen phen”)

But according to data and Dr. Eberwein’s own experience in using Semaglutide, the majority of side effects are gastrointestinal in nature:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

The only three major yet very rare contraindications are pancreatitits, diabetic retinopathy and a specific genetic cancer known as familial thyroid cancer.

In the majority of cases, these side effects can be avoided by increasing the Semaglutide slowly and not going all the way to 2.4 mg weekly unless absolutely needed.

As for AOD9604, given it does not possess the negative side effects of HGH, it already has a great start with respect to safety.

This is backed by a summary of six randomized controlled trials done in humans:

“AOD9604 had no effect on serum IGF-1 levels, which confirms the hypothesis that AOD9604 does not act via IGF-1. Results of oral glucose tolerance test demonstrated that, in contrast with hGH, AOD9604 has no negative effect on carbohydrate metabolism.

There were no anti-AOD9604 antibodies detected in any of the patients selected for antibody assay. In none of the studies did a withdrawal or serious adverse event occur related to intake of AOD9604.

AOD9604 displayed a very good safety and tolerability profile indistinguishable from placebo. AOD9604 did not result in any of the adverse effects associated with full-length hGH treatment.”

And to make the safety profile of AOD9604 even more convincing:

“Recently, AOD9604 was determined by an appropriately qualified GRAS panel of experts who are qualified by scientific training and experience to be ‘Generally Recognized As Safe’ (GRAS) under conditions of intended uses of AOD9604 in foods.”

The only reported side effects I could find were “headache, chest tightness, palpitations and euphoric feelings” (Source).

Outside of these very minor issues, you shouldn’t be worried about using Semaglutide and AOD9604 together.

I personally have had ZERO SIDE EFFECTS from either unless you want to consider eating less a side effect.

You have the massive fat-mobilizing properties of AOD9604, and the potent appetite-regulating properties of Semaglutide to ensure you will never overeat or wonder why your metabolism isn’t “working” properly.

It’s already gotten me near shredded (like nothing I’ve ever used nearly 4 weeks in) and this is around the holidays where my diet is not ‘super clean’.

It will now become a staple for when getting ultra-shredded is the objective.

When Guaranteed Shredded V2 comes out in 2022, I’ll make sure to offer even more hacks around using it.

How to Buy AOD9604 and Semaglutide Online

Unfortunately, as you’ve already gathered, Semaglutide is only available by a doctor’s prescription.

And given how quickly it’s sold out, combined with its very recent 2021 release into the market, it’s unlikely you will be able to get your hands on it soon.

UPDATE: Semaglutide (along with its successors Tirzepatide and Retatrutide) are ONLY available on Limitless Life Nootropics to members of the free-to-join JayC VIP Insider Club.

Click here to become a member (and if you’re already a member, go here to log in)

However, AOD9604 is available at any reliable peptides vendor who keeps it in stock.

Limitless Life Nootropics is where I advise people to purchase ANY therapeutic peptide and there’s no exception whatsoever for AOD9604.

And for a very limited time, you can get an unprecedented discount on your order.

Because once the deadline is hit, the coupon code expires!

Use code JAY30 to get 30% off your order until December 31st at Midnight PST!

Additional Fat-Burning Compounds & Resources

Even though I’m sharing the absolute cutting-edge of what will be the next greatest thing for fat loss in 2022 and beyond, AOD9604 and Semaglutide are just two of several fat-destroying agents.

Plus, agents are just a singular component of what makes up successful and long-lasting fat loss.

I’ve spent many years prolifically writing about fat loss and what it takes to achieve a magazine-ready physique.

But make no mistake about it: Becoming (and staying) lean is first and foremost for your HEALTH!

We knew very early in the COVID-19 pandemic that obesity was a major risk factor for severe disease, and only NOW are scientists uncovering the mechanism explaining this phenomenon.

(Although those of you following me prior to the pandemic already knew what was going on)

My natural recommendation is to read through all my fat loss articles, but here are some of the ones I consider to be mandatory reading…

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My Books For Fat Loss: Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, Guaranteed Shredded

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As always…

Raise Your Vibration To Optimize Your Love Creation!

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It’s the equivalent of having 24/7 access to a testosterone therapy expert to coach you along the way, answer your questions, and help you optimize your health through utilizing therapeutic testosterone for lifelong health and happiness.

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