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Revolutionizing Spine Care by Harnessing the Power of Sound w/Dr. Ernest Pecoraro

As a healing modality, sound waves are incredible.

So much stuff can be done with harmonies and acoustic waves, including changing the world of chiropractic as we know it.

Many alignment issues in the body can be attributed to the atlas, and a powerful treatment can address it.

How can sound waves help promote spinal health?

How do we achieve peak body performance?

In this episode, I’m joined by retired sought-after physician and practitioner of the EPIC Technique, Dr. Ernest Pecoraro.

He talks about how the technique has changed spinal care.

The more specific and exact you are with the adjustment, the better results you’re going to have. -Dr. Ernest Pecoraro

Three Things We Learned 

  1. Why post adjustment tests are necessary
    How do we get crystal clarity on our spinal health?
  2. The benefit of a sound wave treatment
    Is a treatment like the EPIC Technique more cost effective?
  3. Why athletes use the EPIC Technique
    How do we realign our spines to achieve peak body performance?


Guest Bio

Dr. Ernest Pecoraro, DC was a sought after physician having people travel from all over the world to see him at one of his five offices in New York City.

After 25 years of practice, he decided to retire, but decided to come out of retirement when his daughter was treated with the EPIC Technique to relieve the debilitating low back pain that caused her severe disability for three years.

She was previously treated by several chiropractors, acupuncturists and medical doctors with no results.

Her last hope was getting the EPIC Upper Cervical Care when a friend suggested she try it.

The doctor corrected the misalignment of her Atlas vertebra, never treating her low back directly, and with the first treatment her low back muscles started to relax and her pain was 70% gone in 30 minutes.

This inspired him to go back to school and train to deliver the EPIC Technique.

Now, he is one of only three offices in the world that specializes and delivers this technique that has been getting miraculous results with this cutting edge soundwave technology.

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