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Bromantane (Ladasten): Benefits, Dosage & Side Effects

I very rarely write about cognition-enhancing nootropics nowadays because nothing really impresses me.

I’ve literally tried it all, seen it all, or known something would be worthless after reading how it works.

I can tell you it is extremely difficult to beat the age-old nicotine or caffeine that have been used for hundreds of years.

And for those of you in my inner circle, you KNOW my favorite is Modafinil and I compare all nootropics to it in its effect gradient.

But Chris Mercer of Limitless Life Nootropics BEGGED me to do an investigation of an increasingly popular compound called Bromantane.

I thought he was just being overly enthusiastic until I looked it up… and my jaw dropped down to the floor.

Not only was I angry at Chris for not telling me about this compound sooner, but I was shocked at how nobody in my private inner circle had even uttered its name before.

The Bromantane benefits sounded like something out of a dystopian sci-fi war movie, especially the part about it being a stimulant that lowers anxiety at the same time.

So without further ado, here is my deep-dive article on Bromantane and why you should start using it immediately.

Table of Contents

What is Bromantane?

Bromantane (aka Ladasten) belongs to a unique class of compounds known as “actoprotectors”:

“Actoprotectors are preparations that enhance body stability against physical loads without increasing oxygen consumption or heat production. Actoprotectors comprehend metabolic drugs of a non-consumptive class of action, which to greater or lesser extents can possess antihypoxic activity. They differ from antihypoxants, however, in that they primarily (directly) stimulate protein synthesis and increase working capacity.”

This group of molecules are similar to – but distinct – from stimulants:

“….actoprotectors are agents of non-exhaustive action. With actoprotectors, there is no increase in oxygen consumption or heat production; and, unlike nootropic agents – actoprotectors increase not only mental (intellectual) but also, and primarily, physical work capacity.”

Russian scientists in the 1970s were pursuing the synthesis of actoprotectors such as Bromantane, and eventually these compounds saw practical applications in the Soviet military:

“Notably, its administration made it possible to increase soldiers’ endurance over long marches; in the Air Forces, Missile Troops, and Army Air Defense, it enhanced work capacity and stability to hypoxia; and in the Navy, it reinforced stability to hypoxia and, where applicable, high temperatures”

Bromantane was also used by Russian athletes for this very reason, but that party was ended swiftly in the 1996 Summer Olympic Games (more on this later).

Nowadays, you’ll see Bromantane being used as an agent to treat neurasthenia, which describes a form of chronic fatigue “characterised by a persistent and distressing complaint of increased fatigue after mental effort, or persistent and distressing complaints of bodily weakness and exhaustion after minimal effort” (Source)

Which begs the question.

Can ordinary people experience what the soldiers did and see a dramatic boost in their physical endurance?

Bromantane Benefits

Despite Bromantane being around since the 1970s, you’re not going to find more than 50 published papers on Pubmed.

There are likely many studies written in Russian and published in Russian scientific journals that the Western world will never access (unless you’re one of “those guys” who will climb mountains to purchase individual papers and translate them to English).

For this reason alone, we’ll have to rely less on science and more on the collective opinions of people who were brave enough to explore Bromatane’s benefits for themselves.

Bromantane Is An Anxiety-Reducing Stimulant

You may not think this health benefit of Bromantane carries any significance, but hear me out.

The first time I heard about this compound from Chris of Limitless Life Nootropics, here’s what he texted me:

People that can’t use any stimulants due to anxiety issues, like myself, have no problems with bromantane.

I always hated not being able to sell it as I had people who were able finally live life again where nothing was working for their depression and anxiety.

Bromantane kills both of them with zero physical addiction or side effects. The shit is powerful, brother. Nothing else in the world compares to it.

It’s literally the #1 nootropic of everybody I know

Typically, stimulants come with the undesirable side effect of increased anxiety and jitters.

Not too bad for your average person, but a serious dealbreaker for people who are more prone to anxiety for no other reason than their genetics.

So what you’d normally do is pair the stimulant with a second compound that specifically counteracts the boost in anxiety.

A common example would be taking L-Tyrosine alongside caffeine to offset the jitters and the post-caffeine energy crash.

Bromantane is revolutionary because it singlehandedly reduces anxiety without providing the performance-enhancing effect of a stimulant… something impossible and unheard of in the nootropics world unless you’re stacking two or more compounds. 

It’s difficult for me to describe this in a hundred different ways, so I’m going to let the anonymous biohackers share their stories with you:

“…it does not affect sleep which is very convenient… Bromantane appears to [be] dopaminergic and anxiolytic.

This combination is awesome, because it boosts confidence in such a way that the anxiolytic effects seems like just a byproduct of being confident and relaxed.

It feels very natural unlike phenibut” (Source)

“I took 100mg at 1pm and started to notice it about 2 hours and 30 mins in.

Felt like a pleasant feeling building up and I noticed a loss of anxiety.

At 4pm I felt alert and confident, it felt like it was going to be a bit too much but it evened out nicely when I had a meal about 3 hr 45 mins in.

My eyes never darted around the room like a normal stimulant, everything was very gentle and ideal.” (Source)

“The stimulant effect was no more powerful than about 2 cups of strong coffee or say a couple of sudafed tablets.

But with far less anxiety or twitchiness.

I’ve experimented quite a bit with amphetamines over the years and this is by far and away the smoothest energy boost and come down of any stimulant I’ve ever taken.

Absolutely no desire to re-up or take more as you come off of it (Source)

Instantly improves mood (i have a very hard depression), helps with ADHD, adds energy and motivation.

And most importantly makes a very sociable and self-confident.

With this drug you feel better than everyone… One dose 50 mg sublingually begins to act after 10 minutes and works a day.

If you take every day, the effect accumulates.” (Source)

“I am using it to treat fatigue, depression, anhedonia and anxiety.

I have a fair bit of experience with prescription pharmaceuticals, street drugs, research chemicals, entheogenic plants and other psychotropic substances and I think Bromantane is one of my favorite things of all time, it is kind of shocking why it isn’t commonly prescribed, it works 100x better than most antidepressants.

My symptoms are from the old familiar list of suspects: childhood trauma, head injuries, drug abuse and environmental and dietary toxins.” (Source)

Anybody who’s failed to see the results they want with traditional stimulants should give Bromantane a serious trial.

Bromantane Enhances Physical Endurance

Believe it or not, Bromantane is actually a banned substance by the World Anti-Doping Agency under the category of “S6 – Stimulants” as a non-specified stimulant.

And this ban dates all the way back to the 1996 Summer Olympic Games when several Russian athletes tested positive for doping with Bromantane:

“Russian Olympic committee president Vitaly Smirnov confirmed in an interview with the Itar-Tass news agency that bromantane was developed by the Russian military.

He said the drug was an immune-strenghtening substance recommended by Russian military doctors who had used it to treat cosmonauts.

Four Russian athletes, a Lithuanian cyclist and two Lithuanian team officials have been kicked out of the Atlanta Games over the use of bromantane.”

Chris of Limitless Life Nootropics can personally attest to this, sharing these two stories with me:

“One person who works for me will take a 100 mg dose of Bromantane and work out for 3 hours straight when 1 hour is enough to kick his ass.

One of my top affiliates takes just 25 mg of Bromantane sublingually and can work out 3 times as long… says it’s the most powerful yet subtle substance he’s ever used”

It’s not just the enthusiastic testimony of one individual… numerous anonymous reports on Reddit cite this as the one consistent Bromantane benefit above all others.

“…makes you recover faster from both physical and mental exercise and made my endurance noticeably better. It funnily also improved my fine motor function in a sense that any involuntary shaking or moving during fine motor movement is almost completely gone.” (Source)

“Where bromantane shines is performing far beyond the point of fatiguing, you get a second wind so to speak… Without Bromantane, I heat up quicker, muscles are less efficient, and I fatigue quicker.

With Bromanatane I notice I can keep playing hard the whole time and I surprisingly maintain an average temp, barely have fatigue, and feel in the zone.

The zone being the perfect point of stimulation, relaxation, and focus.” (Source)

“I usually use it on days I exercise too, massive increase in how much I can lift and how long I can run without getting tired. Seriously, running on this stuff is crazy.” (Source)

“…works crazy for stress and workload, I could train like a horse in the gym but on the negative side insomnia started to kick in. I couldn’t get to sleep and if I could, always woke 4 hours later” (Source)

“Often when I take it, I have an amazing day. Energetic yet calm, sociable, productive, etc.

Some days I have weird effects, such as brain fog, irritability, hyperstimulation, or even sedation.

The only effect I always, always experience is increased physical energy. Sometimes I just feel like running on it. It’s fantastic for exercise, god tier. (Source)

I did notice an increase in physical performance and an increased resistance to cold with bromantane though.

I often sauna bathe and I noticed I could stay in the cold water pool far longer on bromantane.

I even tested this by going on and off the bromantane and seeing how long I could stay in.

Apparently this is part of what it was intended for.” (Source)

It really helps keep muscle fatigue away, and it substantially increased my endurance. It’s the reason why it’s a banned substance in professional sports (Source)

“Kind of mild euphoria, increased endorphins, but also really increased capacity for output and oxygen efficiency, which I believe was its purpose when used for Soviet mountain troops and Spetsnaz in Afghanistan.

Greater respiratory and physical endurance, greater output for longer, but also much improved recovery from fatigue induced by those activities (Source)

As I always tell people: If something is BANNED from use in competitive sports, there’s a 99.9% chance it works as promised!

Bromantane Is A Powerful Brain Nootropic

Fear not — even though Bromantane is an anxiety-reducing stimulant, it still does a great job at the “stimulant” part by boosting your mental performance

Once again, we go to the testimonials of people in the trenches:

“Works for ADD for me, my ADD is mild…It manifests as a lack of motivation, difficulty in holding the focus for a long time, mild impairment of working memory…. Bromantane gives energy for fully engage in things, gives me the energy to absorb in the tasks and complete them, unfortunately so far have been tasks that arise from an intrinsic motivation, however some things that I did not do before because they did not call my attention now I do it much more easily” (Source)

I called Ladasten “the Real Modifinil” in that it kept me awake all night – (but in a very stress-free, natural way – unlike an irritable stim or caffeine). I’m just started trying much smaller amounts sublingual now. It seems to keep me going all day, and go to bed later.” (Source)

Traditional stims generally come on hard and fast (in my experience). Bromantane comes on slowly and wears down slowly. I also do not crash off it, I certainly come down at night but not like a crash from most stims… Happy to do my work and not overwhelmed by the massive amount of work I have (I run 2 businesses and am in the process of launching another)… This is by far the best nootropic I have ever come across and I will be continuing to take it.” (Source)

“… this summer, I’ve took 100 mg for a month without issue and much improved effects: Stamina (++), Overall Confidence (+++), Social Confidence (++) and Motivation (+ or ++). I didn’t suffer side effects, and I stacked this dosage with insane amount of other nootropics without any issue whatsoever. The only issue I’ve suffer – in fact – is that I missed my reorder window and got suddenly stuck with a god-mode life and responsibilities without my god-mode drug (Source)

At this point, refusing to take Bromantane is effectively saying “no” to what could be an unlocked level of focus and concentration you’ve never experienced before.

How to Take Bromantane

There are numerous ways to take Bromantane, but there are four popular options:

  1. Nasal spray
  2. Oral tablet
  3. Liquid solution
  4. Sublingual powder

I read hundreds of forum discussions on Bromatane dosing so you didn’t have to, and coupled with the first-hand experience of Chris from Limitless Life Nootropics, I can confidently make a recommendation.

The best way to use Bromantane is to take the raw powder and dose it sublingually — you put the powder under your tongue and let it dissolve. 

This was the only dosing method associated with the most positive experiences and the least amount of side effects.

Some people found dissolving the Bromantane powder took as much as 30 minutes, and may need to be washed down with a small sip or two of water/coffee.

Bromantane is also tasteless, meaning you won’t have to torture yourself in exchange for its benefits.

Bromantane Dosage

After reviewing numerous official and unofficial sources, the best Bromantane dose to take is anywhere between 50 to 100 mg per day., an online Russian nootropics vendor, suggests a total daily dose of 100-200 mg split up into two doses — one in the early morning and one in the early afternoon — for a single cycle of 2-4 weeks before taking a break.

However, my personal recommendation is to start at a lower dose of 25 mg and slowly work your way up by adding an extra 25 mg per week until you find your “sweet spot”.

You’ll know you’ve gone too far when Bromantane makes you feel sleepy instead of stimulated.

How Long Does Bromantane Take to Work?

According to an archived document published by an online Russian pharmacy that sells Ladasten pills, Bromantane has a half-life of 11.5 hours and takes 2-4 hours after consumption to reach maximum concentration in the body.

This means that similar to Modafinil, you want to take Bromantane early in the morning so its energy-enhancing effects do not interfere with your sleep schedule.

While this pharmacological data fits in with the experience of some users, other biohackers have reported it takes at least one week of consistent use for the effects to fully kick in, with some people (here and here) saying it’s more like two weeks.

One individual even said the buildup of Bromantane’s benefits gradually takes place over 6-8 weeks!

Be patient when you use Bromantane for the first time and understand that individual experiences wildly vary.

Does Bromantane Have Any Side Effects?

It was very difficult for me to find any Bromantane side effects as they are rarely reported.

Anecdotally, Chris Mercer of Limitless Life Nootropics says he’s seen people take as much as 1 GRAM of Bromantane in a single day without experiencing any overdose side effects, energy crashes, or tolerance buildup.

But I have seen some of the following mild yet rare adverse events associated with Bromantane use:

  • Initial feeling of lethargy and tiredness before the stimulating effects finally kick in
  • Insomnia if taken later in the day
  • May elevate blood pressure slightly
  • No effects whatsoever (i.e. you are a nonresponder)

Thankfully, all of these side effects fade away rapidly once you stop taking Bromantane.

The only real cause of concern I saw was a possible increased risk of Alzheimer’s due to apparent amyloid plaque buildup, but this is very hotly contested on the basis of 1-2 animal studies.

Even then, you would need to mega-dose Bromatane at levels higher than 1 gram a day for a very long period of time before this possible side effect would be concerning.

TL;DR — follow my Bromantane dosing recommendations and you shouldn’t experience any side effects whatsoever. 

Where to Buy Bromantane

The only place you should buy Bromantane online is through Limitless Life Nootropics.

Use code JAY15 at the checkout cart for 15% off!

But unlike my endorsement of this vendor for therapeutic peptides, I have a couple of extra reasons for my recommendation of where to buy Bromantane.

First, the demand for Bromantane by biohackers and elite performers is INSANE!

Chris initially bought 250 grams worth of Bromantane four days ago and he’s already down to his last 100 grams.

People just saw it available on Limitless Life Nootropics and went nuts — all without a single advertisement or mention.

I have no idea when Chris will stock another few hundred grams of Bromantane but it might not be for a while.

And back before I even knew about the existence of Limitless Life Nootropics, Bromantane was outselling every nootropic and peptide on the website 3-to-1.

Second, Chris works with the only lab in the world that synthesizes Bromantane at the highest purity possible.

Here’s a bit of inside intel for you:

The majority of suppliers will try to sell you Bromantane as 90% pure brown powder, which is bunk.

REAL Bromantane is a powder that shines like a diamond, almost to the point where you can see all of the colors in a rainbow if you look at it from the right angle.

Third, Limitless Life Nootropics is selling Bromantane at a ridiculously competitive price.

2 grams of Bromantane cost $35, 5 grams of Bromantane will set you back $65, and a big 10-gram order of Bromantane will run you $120.

You’re effectively looking at the price of a good restaurant meal for a reliably monthly supply of Bromantane.

But these prices may not last forever, especially with the ridiculous demand Chris is receiving.

So make sure you place your order of Bromantane at Limitless Life Nootropics ASAP!

Use code JAY15 at the checkout cart for 15% off!

PS -For accurate weighing of each Bromantane, you may want to purchase a scale that measures to the milligram.

Conclusion: Bromantane Is The Performance-Enhancing Agent To Watch Out For In 2022

Man running at full speed at sunset

The Bromantane benefits may be small in number but they are powerful in their ability to optimize your brain health.

I would have never heard about this compound if it wasn’t for Limitless Life Nootropics, and I would not have bothered researching it if Chris didn’t beg me to promote it.

Much like many of the peptides I promote, it appears the Russians have outdone themselves yet again in advancing human potential one step further.

If you’re looking for “smooth yet clean” stimulation coupled alongside a strong feeling of calmness, give Bromantane a shot and let me know if it worked for you!

This time, I only have one additional resource on Bromantane you may find interesting.

The Pharmacology Of Adamantanes is a Russian textbook translated into English that details Bromantane’s origin story and all of its unique properties that make it distinct from other traditional stimulants (Original Russian version is here)

As always…

Raise Your Vibration To Optimize Your Love Creation!

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