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Esther Blum on Teaching Our Children To Not Only Survive, But THRIVE in a Contaminated World

We live in a world full of contaminants, and as parents, making the ‘right’ choices for our health isn’t always cut and dry.

How can we even begin to put our children on the right path when it’s so easy to be overwhelmed, ourselves?

Is it even possible to protect our kids from the things that could harm their wellbeing? 

In this episode, 4x Bestselling Author and Integrative Dietician, Esther Blum shares how to equip our children with the tools they need to flourish in a world where health too often takes a backseat. 

Control your kids’ diet as much as you can while they’re young, because those are their formative years. However, it’s also okay to let your kids eat like normal kids sometimes! -Esther Blum

Three Curiosity-Driven Takeaways 

  1. How to help our kids develop healthier eating habits
    It’s no secret that real, organic foods are hard to find, even in stores purporting to sell ‘healthier’ options. With so much junk freely available, how can we encourage our kids to pick more nutritious options for themselves?
  2. The key to fostering our childrens’ autonomy
    It’s one thing to tell our kids to make smarter choices. How can we prepare them to make those choices on their own, without us looking over their shoulders?
  3. The importance of modeling the right behaviors
    How can we get better at leading by example? More importantly, how can we stop beating ourselves up when our kids don’t follow our lead?

Guest Bio- 

Esther Blum is a 4x Bestselling Author, Integrative Dietician and High-Performance Coach. A staunch advocate for her patients, Esther is passionate about getting to the root cause of illnesses so that her clients can lead fully optimized lives. 

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