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How Liv Health is Optimizing Healthcare Access & Affordability w/ Andrew Wax

One of the biggest challenges that people who want to get optimized face is where to find the best doctors and healthcare providers across the country.

Liv Health is a platform that easily provides this at an affordable cost.

How does the platform connect patients with the best physicians and practitioners?

What protocols do they focus on?

On this episode, Liv Health Integrative Health Specialist, Andrew Wax, talks about the platform, the service, the app and how patients will have easier access to quality healthcare through it.

In the aging male and female, the first thing is getting right from a hormonal standpoint, you have to get that stuff dialed in and then fine tune with peptides. -Andrew Wax

At the start of the show, Andrew shared how he got started in the optimization and age management field, and how Liv Health is helping patients achieve optimization more efficiently and effectively.

We also discussed the 4 practices that are the basis of a wellness model and preventative health, and how the telemedicine works.

We also discussed:

  • The heavy lifters in optimization and why we need to start with them
  • How Liv Health integrates into a patient’s daily life and holds patients accountable
  • Why labs aren’t as important once we’re dialed in

Three Takeaways

In order for us to effectively optimize our health, the path of health needs to be optimized too.

That means patients need to know more about their own health, and be their own advocates, before they even get to the doctor.

-The first step to optimization isn’t peptides, it’s hormones.

If testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and thyroid are optimized first, then peptides and supplements will be more effective.

-LivHealth’s service normally costs $150 a month (plus cost of medicine) for unlimited access to the doctor and their concierge health specialist.

-For a very limited time(til Friday Feb 7th) all of my followers can take advantage of an amazing discounted LIV Health Package:

The Jay Campbell Podcast Bundle consists of:

  • Initial Consultation with an Integrative Health Specialist (Normally $199.95)
  • One month supply of the Liv Health Core Supplements (Normally $109.95)
  • One month of Liv Health concierge care (Normally $150.00)

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Guest Bio-

Andrew is an Integrative Health Specialist with Liv Health. He has degrees in human physiology, biochemistry, psychology, and neuroscience.

He is certified in peptide therapies through the International Peptide Society and American Academy for Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Medicine and has completed advanced coursework in bio-identical hormone optimization through the American Academy for Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

He has been working to design customized anti-aging and regenerative protocols for the last several years, and now works to educate patients, answer questions and design customized anti-aging and regenerative protocols.

Andrew is a biohacker himself, and a recreational CrossFit athlete. He is based out of Colorado.

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