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A Physician Assistant’s Perspective on Peptides & Optimization w/ AJ Piovesan

The state of healthcare right now has created physicians who are caught up with insurance and sick care. Because of this, these physicians have lost sight of being a true healer. On the other hand, physician’s assistants are in the trenches, focusing on helping patients in a meaningful way.

What are the key differences between the approach a physician’s assistant takes and how a doctor treats patients?

How can we not only optimize ourselves to be better, but restore what we had when we were younger?

On this episode, biohacker and Regenerative and Age Management expert, AJ Piovesan, shares on using peptides, and overcoming the obstacle of sick care medicine.

Men and women both deserve to have the hormones they had in their 20s. You don’t do any harm to anyone if you use bioidentical hormones to replace what they had when they were younger. -AJ Piovesan

Three Takeaways

Physician’s assistants try and buffer the physical and mental effects of ageing by giving people things their bodies can naturally use without interfering with their health with chemicals.

When it comes to weightlifting, it’s more about quality than quantity and how long you can keep a joint lubricated. As we get older, we lose joint hydration, so our focus should be on smart training to protect our joints.

Peptides are better than growth hormones. Anyone saying anything different is taking fake peptides or they are using them wrong.  

At the start of the episode, AJ shared how he got to where he is today, the difference between physicians assistants and doctors, and the constraints doctors have that PAs don’t. Next we talked about optimization for females, and the approach AJ takes with all of his patients. We also discussed using stem cells to treat injuries.

We also discussed:

  • Why growth hormone is not the answer when it comes to optimization
  • The state of the peptide industry
  • The importance of training smart

Guest Bio

AJ is a Physical Performance Enhancement Expert, Regenerative and Age Management Provider, Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Biohacker. AJ is the founder of Hormone Therapy of Orlando. He has 38 years of health and fitness education/training, including 17 years as a physician’s assistant. For more information, visit

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