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Is Low Testosterone Costing You Health and Money?


By Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes Since its discovery at the beginning of the 20th century, Testosterone has been extensively studied, and the its effects on health are far reaching. Far from being simply a sex hormone that drives libido, testosterone is a master hormone in human physiology, and its effects on the brain are the most profound. Testosterone is the master hormone for good mood, positive aggression, and productivity. The research on the mood boosting effects of testosterone is unanimous; higher testosterone levels promote increased perceived well being across every method of assessment.


In the professional environment, testosterone drives productivity, and this is where its effects should be considered for a working professional. Testosterone affects innumerable factors that can affect your professional performance. Some of the most notable: -Testosterone promotes leadership and aggressive risk taking. Men with high testosterone are more likely to be promoted to management positions, and be regarded as “natural leaders” -Testosterone strengthens the immune system. Low testosterone level correlate with increased sick days, higher levels of stress hormone, and diminished working performance -Testosterone makes one physically stronger. Men with high testosterone levels have more lean body mass, less body fat. -Testosterone promotes higher energy levels, more resistance to fatigue, and greater physical stamina -Higher testosterone levels promote feelings of confidence, assertiveness, and self esteem. Added up, testosterone levels can be the difference between being a low energy performer that is overlooked for promotions and opportunity, versus being a high energy performer that produces more, creates more, and attains greater professional levels of success.

Low Testosterone costs you Health and Money

Can the effects of low testosterone on your career be quantified? Not truly, but there is also no upside to having LOW testosterone. It is well researched that CEOs are more likely to have higher testosterone levels compared to subordinate positions. If the individuals at the top of the professional pyramid have high testosterone levels, what would be the incentive to have low testosterones? There are not any. Low testosterone in men leads to reduced quality of life, well being, libido, and overall health. It corresponds to obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and high blood pressure. It can create symptoms of brain fog, depression, and lethargy. Low testosterone levels are linked with cognitive decline and neurological degeneration. Cardiovascular disease and heart attacks are higher in men with low testosterone. Low testosterone and degenerative diseases go hand in hand, and health care costs for insurance and basic care are projected to rise over the next decade. 

When you consider the health risks and costs associated with these diseases, a man with low T is potentially facing tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in health care cost over the middle and later years of his life.

This is in addition to the mortality risk factors, and the likelihood of premature death due to the confluence of health risks.

Truth-on-Trt-TrtRevolution A monthly prescription of TRT can range from $100 to $400 dollars a month. That may seem costly, but the cost of dementia, sarcopenia, and high blood pressure and heart disease can be in the tens of thousands.

A heart attack at age 45 from an unhealthy lifestyle could be the cost equivalent of 2 decades worth of TRT.

If T levels are low, ill health follows. There is no rational reason for any men to exist with low testosterone and expect to achieve a high quality of life, let alone professional success. Taking active control of your health and hormones could be the difference maker in your professional career and your personal life. 

Why TRT IS the Answer

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