Raise Libido, Raise Testosterone?

Jay Campbell

By Jay Campbell

July 19th, 2018


We’ve debunked testosterone boosters time and time again; yet, we still hear people say, “if it increases my libido, surely it increases testosterone!” Remember, increasing libido does not directly cause an increase in testosterone levels. The one underlying theme uniting all these “testosterone boosting” supplements Is their reputation to enhance libido. But while many of these ingredients have been used for centuries as aphrodisiacs, it doesn’t mean that they raise testosterone levels. After all, your libido is comprised of more than just the amount of testosterone in your blood! Testosterone itself is a pervasive symbol of masculinity, associated with sex drive and potency. And low testosterone is linked to lack of sex drive in men. It is precisely where supplement companies trick unsuspecting consumers – claiming that by enhancing one’s libido, you’re also raising your testosterone levels. Again, increased desire doesn’t automatically mean you have meaningfully increased your testosterone levels! In fact, research shows that testosterone is not always a decisive factor in libido, and indeed estrogen also plays a vital role in male sexual function. In one study, for example, men with testosterone deficiency received exogenous estradiol such as estrogen delivered into the body from an outside source; they experienced an increase in libido. So think twice about buying any alleged libido enhancers in the hopes that they will also increase your testosterone levels.

Now, there wouldn’t be such a market for testosterone boosters if millions of men weren’t aware that their levels were below average. It’s true; testosterone levels have been declining for the past several decades. The high market demand for testosterone supplements means that men like you are waking up to this reality. If you’re like most men, there’s a good chance that specific lifestyle changes can increase your testosterone levels.

However, the reality is that modern-day environmental living continues to place our endocrine systems and metabolic health under siege, dramatically reducing our ability to produce testosterone naturally while also remaining lean and healthy. So what’s the solution? The reality is that a pharmaceutical approach such as Testosterone Optimization Therapy (TOT) is the only be-all, end-all solution to ensure successful hormonal optimization. We’re not here to say that all supplements are garbage – far from it. In fact, there are some fantastic supplements available that can be extremely beneficial to your health. However, there is minimal to no credible scientific research that suggests any nutritional supplements can meaningfully increase and optimize your testosterone levels. Which leads many men to ask: “Why is my testosterone so low in the first place, and why isn’t there a natural solution?” If you have low testosterone, does it mean TOT is your only alternative? Not necessarily – it’s not that cut and dry. There is one product that clinical studies have asserted to be effective in boosting testosterone levels because of the product’s ingredients. To find out what product we’re talking about and to learn more about why Testosterone Optimization Therapy is still the better option, purchase The TOT Bible.

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