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Carbon 60 (C60) Supplement Benefits and Side Effects

If you search up the word “supplement” on Google, you will get roughly 979,000,000 results.

Do the same search on Amazon and you will get over 100,000 results.

Anyone who has spent as much time as I have in the biohacking game knows that the majority of those supplements are utterly worthless.

Too expensive, wrong combination of ingredients, unproven ingredients, crappy “proprietary formulas”, and the list goes on.

Fortunately, I’ve taken the time to personally use and recommend the very few supplements that actually do work.

My magnum opus Living A Fully Optimized Life contains my most up-to-date list of recommendations, updating what I’ve covered in The TOT Bible.

One of the newer supplements I endorsed – and consider to be an essential must-have – is Carbon 60 (C60).

What Is Carbon 60 (C60)?

C60 is a naturally occurring molecule consisting of 60 carbon atoms…however, it was not originally discovered in isolation as a molecule.

Rather, its spherical shape (five hexagons surrounding one pentagon) was forecasted by Japanese research Eiji Osawa in 1970.

This was a unique discovery at the time, as there only two forms of allotropic carbon in existence at the time (i.e. carbon that exists in the same physical state as the element, yet in a different form): Diamond and graphite.

Sadly, Osawa’s forecast never achieved worldwide recognition as his translations did not reach Europe or the United States.

It wasn’t until 1985 that Harold Kroto, Robert Curl and Richard Small were able to use mass spectrometry and definitively prove the existence of C60.

11 years later, the three men were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1996 for its discovery.

The discovery was so significant because the molecule possessed extraordinary properties, such as its ability to maintain extreme stability in very high temperatures and pressure.

C60 Benefits

While C60’s original discovery had nothing to do with health, and was originally pursued for industrial applications, further research revealed numerous health benefits.

Antioxidant Effects

One of C60’s primary benefits is its incredible power as an anti-oxidant.

Our body contains molecules called free radicals that are missing an electron.

Free radicals are inherently unstable and will react with other molecules in order to gain the missing electron.

In moderate amounts, free radicals occur naturally in the body and are essential as they help our body fight off disease.

The issue arises when they are too many free radicals in the body.

This can happen when you are exposed to high concentrations of pollutants and pesticides, eat a crappy diet consisting of junk food and other processed “box” foods, or live an inactive lifestyle.

When there are too many free radicals in your body, they can damage essential components of your cells such as the proteins, DNA, and vital parts of the cellular membrane.

Through a process called oxidation, the free radicals “steal” electrons from other stable molecules that are nearby.

(Oxidation is the same process which is responsible for your fruits turning brown when they are left on the countertop for a long time without being eaten)

This causes oxidative stress, which is a major cause of cellular inflammation and symptoms such as memory loss, weaker immune system and fatigue.

Furthermore, it is also a significant contributing factor towards age-related diseases such as cancer.

The best way to fight free radicals is through the use of antioxidants.

Antioxidants are able to stabilize free radicals by donating one of its own electrons without turning into a free radical itself.

In doing so, they can neutralize free radicals (via balancing their electron count) and effectively stop them from becoming a threat to the human body.

You can usually find antioxidants in vegetables and fruits, such as the açai berry.

But C60 is particularly special as an anti-oxidant because a single molecule can stabilize multiple free radicals at the same time.

Furthermore, it’s been proven to be 100x more powerful (some say up to 172x) than Vitamin C as an anti-oxidant, protecting the body from free radicals and reactive oxidative species (ROS) responsible for cellular damage.

The health benefits don’t stop there, as C60 isn’t a mere replacement for vegetables and fruits.

One landmark study has shown C60’s awesome potential in extending the human lifespan!


A 2012 study was done by the University of Paris to assess the health effects of C60 consumption.

They divided middle-aged Wistar rats (model organism for simulating human biology) into 3 separate groups: One group received 1 mL of water, the second received 1 mL of olive oil, the third received 1 mL of a special C60 formulation called “ESS60” (C60 in olive oil).

These dosages were given to the rats every single day for 1 week.

After analyzing the organ, urine, blood and brain samples of all three groups of rats over a long period of time, here is what they found:

  • There was no chronic toxicity in rats given ESS60, as the gastrointestinal tract absorbed and released ESS60 without any harm
  • The rats who took olive oil alone had an 18% increase in their lifespan
  • The rats who took the ESS60 formulation had a 90% increase in their lifespan
  • ESS60 protected the liver against CCI4 toxicity

The researchers even had this to say about the results of the study:

“These results of importance in the fields of medicine and toxicology should open the way for the many possible biomedical applications of C60 including cancer therapy, neurodegenerative disorders, and aging”

For context, 15-20% is the life extension seen in practices such as rapamycin feeding or calorie-restriction.

A plausible explanation for this life extension property could be C60’s ability to lengthen telomeres, which are highly associated with human longevity.

And while C60’s life extension properties have not been studied in humans, C60 in olive oil seems to be a promising way of giving your body the antioxidants it needs.

Skin Health

While there is limited scientific evidence, there are some studies and anecdotal accounts that suggest C60 may have positive effects on the skin.

C60 has been found in one study to have the potential to protect the skin from sunburn and prevent UV damage, making it a promising ingredient for natural sunscreen.

As mentioned earlier, C60 is thought to have antioxidant properties that can safeguard cells against free radicals and oxidative stress. Research also suggests that C60-infused gels and lotions may aid in diminishing wrinkles and achieving a fresh, smooth complexion.

In a 2014 study on individuals struggling with acne, applying C60 to the skin twice daily for eight weeks led to a notable decrease in the number of acne boils. This indicates that C60 might possess anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities that could contribute to the improvement of acne.

Enhanced Athletic Performance

C60 reduces the buildup of reactive oxidative species during exercise, which helps the body get the antioxidants it needs while in an anaerobic state. This leads to lower lactic acid production, making it easier for athletes to handle fatigue and enhance endurance.

In a study done on rats, C60 fullerenes have been shown to normalize cellular metabolism and nervous processes by increasing resistance to stress, which can help diminish muscle fatigue.

C60 is known for its ability to ease joint inflammation, resulting in less pain and increased flexibility. This is due to its rich antioxidant content.

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Oxidative stress is thought to play a role in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. C60 has been found to be effective in shielding brain cells from damage and deterioration, potentially halting or slowing down the advancement of these conditions.

In a 2021 study, C60 was found to prevent 3-nitropropionic acid-induced oxidative stress disorders and mitochondrial dysfunction in rats by modulation of p53, Bcl-2, and Nrf2 targeted proteins. C60 can prevent 3-NPA-induced mitochondrial dysfunction through the restoration of mitochondrial complexes’ enzyme activity, ROS scavenging, modulating of pro/antioxidant balance and GSH/GSSG ratio, and inhibition of mitochondria-dependent apoptosis through the limitation of p53 mitochondrial translocation and increase in Bcl-2 protein expression.

Other Amazing Health Benefits Of C60


As I said in Living A Fully Optimized Life, there are a myriad of potential health benefits associated with C60.

They haven’t been definitively tested in humans, but many people have reported numerous positive changes (I’ll feature some testimonials later in this blog post).

For now, here’s a laundry list of additional benefits of C60:

Clearly, there are numerous health benefits associated with taking C60 (and the list appears to grow larger as more research is done on this miracle molecule).

However, C60 can also be a useful addition to the supplement stack of anybody who uses therapeutic testosterone.

While C60 does not directly impact testosterone levels, it clearly reduces or eliminates certain conditions that are responsible for lowering one’s testosterone levels.

C60 Side Effects

When applied to the skin, C60 is possibly safe when used for up to 8 weeks. Currently, there are no reports suggesting any adverse effects on the human body from the use of liposoluble inorganic C60 in cosmetics. However, human studies on C60 are lacking, so we don’t know much about its potential side effects and safety profile.

C60 Testimonials and Reviews

Having worked with thousands of men and women across the globe, I’ve heard nothing but good things about C60.

I’ll let their words speak for themselves…

“I’ve taken a lot of supplements over the years and never felt much of a difference. After 3 days of taking [C60], my mental clarity and energy were through the roof. Never felt better in my life. I’ve also had severe insomnia for 20 years, never staying asleep for more than a couple hours and laying awake at times for hours on end. Now I’m sleeping 4 or 5 hours straight thru before waking up. [C60] is amazing stuff. Just wish you could somehow make it more affordable” – Tim D.

“We stated to see results right away. Sleeping better, reduction in blood pressure, hip and back pain gone. Wow. Going to buy more” – Andrea H.

My experience taking it has given me back the use of my hands which had previously been so very swollen with arthritis and my thumbs weren’t usable at all! Now I can do everything with my hands!
My 13 yr old cat had a galloping heart and issues with colitis. … when the veterinarian examined my cat recently he was amazed that my cat’s galloping heart had become normal……My vet called that incredible My cat is running around like a kitten and is obviously feeling wonderful! I’m happy with the service… “ – Susan Brontz

My mental sharpness definitely improved – I was able to conduct meetings without fumbling for words. I used to wake up 3 hours before my 7am alarm and feel restless, but now I can sleep peacefully and wake up 5-15 minutes before the alarm. But the best benefit was reduced pains and aches from arthritis and tendonitis in both shoulders. I used CBD oil to manage the pain, but my shoulders hurt all the time. With C60, I’m no longer experiencing constant aches!” – Dr. Stacey Naito

C60 Dosage

Based on my personal experience, I highly recommend one teaspoon a day taken in the morning on an empty stomach.

But I’d recommend using the dosage calculator found here to be even more precise.

If you want to sleep well, I’d avoid taking this in the evening.

Most people will only need one teaspoon, but that also depends on your current physical condition and level of systemic inflammation.

If you feel you need a higher dosage, increase your dose very gradually.

The most important part with C60 dosing is that you MUST take it in oil form as C60 cannot be dissolved in water, and can only be absorbed in oil form.

When taking C60 in oil form, you will notice the same results if you take it with or without food.

Make sure you store it in a cool, dark space at room temperature (it will clump up at refrigerator temperatures).

No side effects have been documented to date when C60 is taken properly, not in the scientific literature nor by anyone I have spoken with.

Where to Buy C60

It goes without saying that you would want the EXACT formulation of C60 used in the life extension study, right?

Fortunately, this same formulation exists and has been specifically processed for safe human consumption.

It goes by the name of MyVitalC ESS60 and it gets my highest endorsement as an essential health supplement.

Using the highest grades of organic extra virgin olive oil available and the best packaging for a long shelf life, you won’t find a better C60 product anywhere.

Monica and I have used this since February 2019 with remarkable results.

Even our dogs Thor and Simba receive a daily dose.

Deeper sleep at night, increased energy and focus, improved vision, better cardio-aerobic capacity and reduced inflammation.

We feel WAY better and much healthier than before we started taking this product – nothing else we’ve ever tried makes us simultaneously more energetic during the day and peacefully tired at night.

CLICK HERE to get your hands on a bottle of MyVitalC ESS60 today!

And for more information about the formulation of this wonderful product, check out this podcast I did with Christopher Burres, co-owner of SES Research and formulator of MyVitalC.


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