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Performance-enhancing Agents: Dangerous Territory or the Trick to a Longer, Healthier Life? w/Victor Black

For years, mainstream medical research has suggested that DHT and androgens are dangerous to our health, but we now know that not to be true.

That being said, we do need to ensure we’re using performance-enhancement modalities correctly if we want to see the best results.

Where are we going wrong with DHT and androgens today?

What can we do to ensure we get better results without putting ourselves at risk for negative and harmful side effects?

there any notable side effects? 

In this episode, harm reduction educator and founder of the Victor Black Master Class, Victor Black shares how to use performance-enhancing agents safely, and how they can improve our quality of life in the long-term.

The entire DHT inhibition rabbit hole mainstream medicine has chased for 35+ years is a farce.

-Jay Campbell

Three Curiosity-Driven Takeaways 

  1. The #1 limitation of clinical research on DHT
    We can find research to prove anything is dangerous.
    The question is, what does the overwhelming majority of evidence point to?
  2. The truth about the link between androgens and tumors
    Can androgens really cause cancer?
  3. How to combat multifactorial disorders
    Things like hair loss and Alzheimers have more than 1 cause, so what can we do to treat them effectively?

Guest Bio- 

Victor Black is the Founder of the Victor Black Master Class.

A bodybuilder for over 3 decades, Victor uses his Master Class to help people with their nutrition, diet and training, but his major passion lies in educating his clients on how to use performance-enhancing agents safely.

Victor is known for having little time for knowledge as ‘trivia’, and uses a unique blend of old-school amateur body building and next-generation evidence-based training to put knowledge into practice.

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