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Optimize Your Health With Therapeutic Peptides: Exploring The Golden Age Agents Of The 2020s

There’s no question that therapeutic peptides are the health industry’s best-kept secret.

They are the NOW and future of regenerative medicine being used by biohackers, elite athletes and even celebrities to reach a superhuman state of being.

Millions of people are turning to them for every application imaginable – enhancing immunity, fixing hair loss, increasing intelligence, and much more.

But nobody has created a comprehensive go-to guide that teaches you how to use peptides the right way in a simple step-by-step fashion.

Until now!

I’m proud to announce the OFFICIAL release of my sixth (already) international best-selling book called Optimize Your Health with Therapeutic Peptides: Extend Your Life by Becoming More Muscular, Leaner, Smarter, Injury-Free and Younger!

Optimize-Your-Health-with-Therapeutic-Peptides-#1 Best Seller in Men's Health-Jay Campbell

It is the synthesis of nearly 18 years of peptides use by yours truly alongside successfully helping hundreds of thousands of men and women worldwide.

So far, it’s already reached the #1 rank on Amazon across multiple countries (USA, Canada, Australia, etc.) and within several categories (Alternative Therapies, Men’s Health, Alternative Medicine, and more).

Why all the hype?

Keep reading and you’ll see why these revolutionary compounds will work better than anything you’ve ever used before.


Why Did I Publish a SIXTH Book?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret only my marketing team knows: Originally, The TOT Bible (Book #3) was published in February 2018 and I swore it would be the LAST truly “science-backed” book I would ever write in my life.

The book is a literal behemoth that clocks in at 600 + pages and contains nearly 700 individual references to medical studies.

Although it took roughly a year to write and compile the original research, the 6-month editing and rewriting process that followed was brutally taxing on myself and my editing team.

(Not to mention all the loopholes and obstacles we had to overcome just to play nice with Amazon for Kindle and paperback formatting/publishing… if you know, you know)

I needed at minimum an entire month taken off from any kind of creative work or writing to recover from the burnout.

It wasn’t until a year and a half later where I decided to self-publish Living a Fully Optimized Life and Guaranteed Shredded (Books #4 and #5) in October 2019.

This is where I decided to break away from endless citations and take a more execution-focused approach towards books:

How to do things, where to buy certain things, the best places for critical intel outside of my website and books, important factors for being successful with any modality or therapy I promoted, etc.

You’ll notice that Living A Fully Optimized Life clocks in at just under 150 pages of total content, while Guaranteed Shredded is a mere 20 pages to outline only the essentials needed to follow my extreme fat loss protocol.

NOTE: If all goes well in Q1 2023, I should have a brand new rapid fat burning-approach that is WAY MORE INTENSE than Guaranteed Shredded with regard to even faster fat loss… stay tuned in March for more info!

With those two publications under my belt, I took another oath and stated these were the LAST full-length books I swore I would ever write.

I was done with the massive effort I had to undertake for every book… not only do they consume your entire life, but you also need a decent-sized team involved from Day 1.

Graphic designers, editors, book promoters, copywriters, and social media managers are just some of the roles I needed to outsource extra help for.

Writing a book is truly a multi-person effort when you sit down and think about all the items you have to check off.

But putting aside my own gripes, there’s also the increasingly global issue that people do not READ AT ALL!

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly why this is: Some people argue the overall quality of books is taking a sharp nosedive.

Others will say fewer people WANT to read, but I think the elephant in the room is people literally CANNOT read even if they wanted to.

“About 130 million adults in the U.S. have low literacy skills according to a Gallup analysis of data from the U.S. Department of Education.

This means more than half of Americans between the ages of 16 and 74 (54%) read below the equivalent of a sixth-grade level.”

Finally, nearly 99.9% of everything I know about peptides is published on my website for free.

No paywall, no premium newsletter subscription, no catches… these articles are the accumulation of hundreds of research articles, anecdotal experiences including those of my own and my private coaching clients, and protocols already used by the world’s top peptide physicians.

Although I have briefly mentioned peptides here and there throughout my fitness career, it wasn’t until November 2019 that I started prolifically writing about them (BPC-157 was the very first one to get a full-feature article).

3 years of consistently putting out transparent and science-based content later and my website is now the definitive information hub on therapeutic peptides for doctors and A-list fitness influencers whose names you would instantly recognize.

The articles outrank and even deliver more information than peptides-based businesses that have been around for far longer than I have.

Not to mention many websites talking about peptides either lean too heavily on overly technical jargon or oversimplify concepts to the point where nuance is entirely removed.

This brings me back to the main question: WHY on earth would I spend many late nights and long hours to write and publish an entire book about therapeutic peptides on the Amazon marketplace? 

I took on this endeavor for three primary reasons…

Market Demand

If you look at the existing books on peptides, there really aren’t too many at all.

And within this limited selection, your choices are limited in quantity and suboptimal in quality.

  1. The book in question only dedicates one chapter/section to peptides, never having the opportunity to do a full deep-dive into the subject
  2. The book is extremely technical and covers jargon the average reader can’t understand or readily apply to their own lives (i.e. various forms of peptide synthesis, intimate details on biochemistry and downstream cellular reactions, effects of peptide structure modification, etc.)
  3. The book has information that is so watered down to the point where it’s obvious the author wants to make a quick buck instead of empowering the reader through proper education
  4. The book leaves out key information to the successful use of peptides (i.e. where to buy them, additional equipment needed, how to inject them, etc.)

Combined with contradictory information on the Internet, it’s no wonder the majority of people have no idea how to use peptides.

My book was specifically written to overcome the 4 pitfalls mentioned and give readers a straightforward system for using peptides in the easiest way possible.

No matter what aspect of your health and well-being you want to improve, at least ONE featured peptide can help you optimize your life so you can start feeling like YOU again.

Although the book is very clear that peptides are NOT miracle solutions, the general public is clearly desperate for an essential yet easy-to-read guide on the subject.

Which explains why the demand for Optimize Your Health With Therapeutic Peptides has skyrocketed in pre-sale reviews and purchases well before the official launch date.


As miraculous as peptides can be, they are NOT a beginner-level tool to be used by the lazy and unaware.

At the same time, it’s unreasonable to talk about them in a way where only a university-level graduate with a Bachelor’s in Science can understand what’s going on.

That’s why I’ve deliberately gone out of my way to write this book at an 8th-grade reading level.

I would love to go lower but the complexity behind peptides doesn’t allow me to do so without presenting what they can and can’t do in an improper way.

Every peptide is organized into a chapter that focuses on a specific health problem — fat loss, cognition, immunity, anti-aging and so on.

While the articles about therapeutic peptides on my website are intellectual deep-dives, the information about the same peptides in my book can be considered as executive summaries.

Better yet… each peptide listed in the Table of Contents has a subsection for its recommended dosage, which eBook readers can click to be immediately taken to dosing instructions.

A very convenient way for knowledgeable people to find what they’re looking for in rapid fashion and get started immediately.

Science is great for some of my readers and it certainly has its place, but it’s increasingly obvious most of the public does not care.

All they want to know is what to do, where to get the peptides, how much of them to take, and how long they should be taking them.

So if you want something that will tell you EVERYTHING you desire to know about peptides and how to start using them immediately, my book is your first-class ticket.


What stops almost everybody from taking the first step towards using therapeutic peptides is fear.

Some people are scared of spending way too much money (even though buying high-quality peptides from a reliable vendor can shave weeks off reaching your health goals).

Some people are scared of using a needle (even though the book comes with the best interactive video tutorials for safe and painless injections)

Some people are scared of buying things from the “grey market” (even though Limitless Life Nootropics only offers >99% pure peptides and you can save 15% with code JAY15)

Some people are scared they’re missing out on key info (even though every peptide featured has either been used extensively by me, has the best scientific research backing it, and/or has a ton of backing anecdotal evidence from brave biohackers).

Ultimately, many people are scared that if they DO pull the trigger and buy the peptides, they simply won’t know what to do with them.

The good news is the book LITERALLY lays out everything you need to know about how to correctly use each peptide for its intended purpose.

All you have to do is exactly what I tell you and you’ll be in good hands.

What’s Inside “Optimize Your Health With Therapeutic Peptides”?

In the interest of full transparency and disclosure, here is exactly what you can expect to find inside the pages of the book…

Chapter 1: What Are Therapeutic Peptides?

  • What you can realistically expect, results-wise, within a few short weeks of using peptides for the first time (even the “slowest” physiological changes happen much faster than most traditional treatments)
  • How peptides are disrupting Big Pharma and forming its own international multi-billion dollar market
  • Why peptides are NOT magic bullets that will instantly cure long-standing health problems caused by bad choices and/or poor genetics
  • The secret to avoid getting tricked by the “placebo effect” into believing an ineffective peptide is working (or an effective peptide isn’t working)

Chapter 2: The Top 10 Mistakes I See People Make When Starting Peptides

  • The types of peptide vendors you should ABSOLUTELY AVOID buying from!
  • All the additional (yet very affordable) equipment you need to properly prepare and inject peptides
  • Two methods of peptide delivery you HAVE to be comfortable with if you want to use them long-term
  • How to use a calculator to properly reconstitute and administer the right amount of peptide into your body

Chapter 3: The Best Peptides for Fat Loss

  • Why Ipamorelin is the best peptide bar none for women who want to lose weight and live longer
  • The one peptide that helped me put on 10 pounds of lean muscle in 6 weeks without changing my diet or exercise program
  • How Tirzepatide is helping obese people – with or without diabetes – shed body fat and improve their blood work with just one injection a week
  • A peptide that selectively breaks down fat and stops fat production just like human growth hormone does

Chapter 4: The Best Peptides for Longevity

  • Two little-known peptides discovered in the Soviet Union that lowered mortality rates in older and frail individuals
  • Should you take growth hormone itself, or the peptides that promote growth hormone production and secretion?
  • Why you MUST avoid oral formulations for 99% of peptides on the market
  • A peptide that improves deep sleep and lowers chronic inflammation at the same time

Chapter 5: The Best Peptides for Brain Function and Cognitive Enhancement

  • How Cerebrolysin looks increasingly attractive in treating children with autism spectrum disorders based on early human trials
  • My explanation of Melanotan I‘s strange ability to increase consciousness and raise your vibration
  • An intranasal peptide that helps to significantly reduce anxiety within as little as 30 minutes
  • The mechanism that makes Orexin A a possible contender for replacing Modafinil as a wakefulness agent

Chapter 6: The Best Peptides for Enhancing Immunity

  • The unexplored connection between being immunocompromised and your body’s natural levels of Thymosin Alpha-1
  • A peptide that is anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial all at the same time
  • How “VIP” is a potentially effective treatment for any illness involving respiratory symptoms
  • Why every peptide in this chapter is directly related to COVID-19 and the possible treatment of its early symptoms in co-morbid patients

Chapter 7: The Best Peptides for Skin Scare

  • How GHK-Cu takes care of multiple skin problems – loose skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, and more
  • The dual-compound combination that stops hair loss and promotes hair growth
  • Essential rules to follow for taking more than one peptide simultaneously
  • My recommended “stacks” for cognition, muscle gain, injury healing, and much more

Bonus Chapter: The “God Stack” for Fully Optimized Health

  • A yet-to-be-released 3rd-generation weight loss drug that could be superior to Tirzepatide in every way
  • How a very popular over-the-counter supplement for sleep can be used to fight chronic inflammation
  • My newest top health clinic recommendation as of December 2022
  • Tesofensine’s unique multi-pronged mechanism for fat loss that makes it a powerful “all-in-one” agent

Bonus Chapter: What Are Peptide Bioregulators and What Do They Do?

  • The four critical differences between Russian bioregulators and traditional peptides
  • Why peptide bioregulators will never see the light of day in the Western hemisphere
  • Some promising bioregulators for the Golden Age I’m eager to try
  • Three types of bioregulators you should know about

Bonus Chapter: Fasting Every Other Day

  • A full explanation of the mechanism behind HOW body fat gets stored and burned by the body
  • The numerous health benefits of intermittent fasting several times a week
  • What you MUST do first thing in the mornings of fasting days for stubborn body fat loss
  • Two of the best books – and the only books – you must read for everything and anything related to shredding unwanted fat tissue

How Is My Book Different From The Premium Digital Course?

As you already may or may not know, in March 2022 I launched my premium Peptide Optimization Course after a year of nonstop collaboration with my business partner and genius biochemist Nick Andrews.

Combined, we put around 4 decades of total experience with therapeutic peptides into a 6-module online video course spanning just a few hours.

So it’s understandable why people may not see how my brand new peptides book is different from the premium online peptide course.

I talked about this concern in a recent email I sent to my list, and here’s a paraphrasing of what I said:

“The peptides universe is constantly evolving and changing… new peptides are being discovered, new uses for existing peptides are being unearthed, and we’re only scratching the surface of understanding how they truly work in the human body. 

With that being said, the book and the course serve two distinct purposes. 

The book is written to be as digestible as possible so people can easily identify which peptides they should be using and get the tools they need to start using them immediately.

It reflects the most up-to-date information in the field as of the start of 2023. 

The course is far more in-depth and is specifically meant for people who want to MASTER every single aspect of therapeutic peptides.

Not to mention the Advanced version is due for several major content upgrades this year as new information becomes more available

However, if you already have the course, it would be smart to use the book as a quick reference guide because the course alone is DENSE!”

But no matter whether you choose the book of the course, remember that the “best” peptide to start with always depends on what YOU want to improve or accomplish.

Answer that question and it won’t matter which peptide you choose.

Where To Buy “Optimize Your Health With Therapeutic Peptides”

I can safely say this is THE single greatest book on peptides in the entire plane of Earth (so far)!

There is no sense of bragging when I say the book has attracted an overwhelming amount of attention in the form of positive emails, reachouts from major influencers, personal reviews, and purchases I have received in the past 10 days since it pre-launched.

It is reasonable to say this book will sell hundreds of thousands of copies within its lifetime and I sincerely hope it reaches millions of people.

So if you’re ready to jump headfirst into the wonderful world of therapeutic peptides:

CLICK HERE to purchase your copy of Optimize Your Health with Therapeutic Peptides: Extend Your Life by Becoming More Muscular, Leaner, Smarter, Injury-Free and Younger!

I’ve taken the liberty of offering the book in four different formats:

  • Kindle eBook,
  • Paperback
  • Audible (audiobook is coming)
  • Hardbound gloss “Reference Edition” for my physician friends.

Everybody deserves to read this masterpiece in the way that best suits them.

And in exchange, all I ask from you are two quick and easy favors…

First, share the link to this book on your social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) to expose it to as many people as possible interested in improving their health and wellness through unconventional means. 

Second, I would be extremely grateful if you could leave a favorable Amazon Certified Review after buying and reading the book (5 stars but only if you feel that’s what the book deserves).


Every additional review helps the long-term success of the book by making it a higher viewing priority on Amazon’s algorithm for people who are searching for intel on therapeutic peptides.

I realize this second favor is a big ask, so in return I would like to offer something much bigger.

The first 1000 people who email me a screenshot of their posted review on Amazon with the subject line “Bonus Gifts” BEFORE Midnight PST on Monday February 6th will receive the following FREE bonus gifts: 

  • The Ultimate Fat Loss Bundle ($99 Value) – all of my very best material (books, videos, ebooks, etc.) on fat loss wrapped up in a digital bundle for your convenience
  • Invitation to a Private Peptides Bootcamp with Nick Andrews and myself ($999 Value) – happening 2-3 weeks from now

Only images of posted reviews showing up on Amazon qualify for this bonus offer.

There are no exceptions to receive the bonus gifts!

As always…

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