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PT-141: The Best Peptide for Libido & Erectile Dysfunction

99.9% of humans want one simple yet primal thing.

Have sex more often, have sex for longer periods of time, and recover quickly so we can do it all over again.

Simple… but not easy.

Some of us get turned on easily while others don’t have skyrocket high libidos.

But what if there was something men AND women can use to get in the mood and go wild?

A peptide that’s been around for the past 20 years, has full FDA approval, and is fast becoming the first truly functional non-natural aphrodisiac?

PT-141 is the sexual performance-enhancing agent you have always wanted to know about, and this article will tell you all you need to start using it.

Keep reading if you want something new to spice up your life in the bedroom!

What Is PT-141?

PT-141 peptide

PT-141 (a.k.a. Bremelanotide, or its brand name “Vyleesi”) is a cyclic 7 amino acid long peptide that is synthetically derived from alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α-MSH), although some scientists believe it is the active metabolite of the peptide Melanotan 2.

And given Melanotan 2’s side effect of inducing erections, researchers wondered if it was possible to have JUST the sex-enhancing effects without the skin-darkening effects.


The first time it ever appeared in the scientific literature was in a 2003 paper published by scientists working for New Jersey based pharmaceutical company Palatin Technologies, hence the “PT” part of its code name.

What’s really interesting is how this paper dives straight into data obtained in both rats and humans:

“[PT-141] is an agonist at melanocortin receptors including the MC3R and MC4R, which are expressed primarily in the central nervous system. Administration of PT-141 to rats and nonhuman primates results in penile erections. Systemic administration of PT-141 to rats activates neurons in the hypothalamus as shown by an increase in c-Fos immunoreactivity.”

“Administration of PT-141 to rats via a variety of routes of administration results in a significant increase in the number of erections. The mean number of erections per rat is increased as is the percentage of rats showing at least one erection during the 30-minute observation period [100%]”

“PT-141 was administered intranasally at doses ranging from 4 to 20 mg to 24 healthy male subjects (18-45 years of age) in a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study…plasma levels declined with a mean terminal elimination half-life of approximately 2h… the mean cumulative duration of erectile activity, as defined by the duration of erections, with greater than 60% base ridigity, was approximately 140 min at the 20 mg dose group compared with 22 min in the placebo-treated group

And in a separate mini-study within the paper where patients with >6 months of erectile dysfunction problems who had positive experiences with PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra were given two intranasal doses of PT-141, duration of base rigidity greater than 80% was observed more often compared to placebo.

No serious adverse events, no major changes in heart rate or blood pressure, and no priapism (a painful erection that persists for +4 hours without sexual stimulation).

You’d think they were off to the races for full FDA approval… except they made the fatal mistake of failing to realize the majority of peptides are more effective when injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

PT-141 has quite the history behind it, involving switching hands between pharmaceutical companies and the switch to a subcutaneous injection, so here’s the quick and dirty summary:

  • 2008 – FDA halts Phase II trials the use of intranasal PT-141 to treat female sexual dysfunction and male erectile dysfunction due to increases in blood pressure that were clinically unacceptable
  • 2014 – New Phase II trials were launched using the subcutaneous injection, which led to much milder blood pressure changes while having the same effect
  • 2017 – Launch of Phase III trials and giving AMAG Pharmaceuticals the right to develop and market PT-141 (now referred to as Bremelanotide) exclusively in North America
  • 2019 – In June, FDA grants full approval for PT-141 (now having the brand name ‘Vyleesi’) to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in premenopausal women.

And from the same FDA document, some background about HSDD:

“HSDD is characterized by low sexual desire that causes marked distress or interpersonal difficulty and is not due to a co-existing medical or psychiatric condition, problems within the relationship or the effects of a medication or other drug substance.

Acquired HSDD develops in a patient who previously experienced no problems with sexual desire. Generalized HSDD refers to HSDD that occurs regardless of the type of sexual activity, situation or partner.”

So what we have is arguably the world’s first FDA-approved aphrodisiac… but how exactly does it work?

How Does PT-141 Work?

If you read the FDA press release, there is an outright confession of not knowing the EXACT mechanism through which PT-141 improves sexual desire is improved.

But based on the peptide’s ability to activate melanocortin receptors, let’s take a crack at it!

From what we saw in the introduction of this article, there’s something important about the high selectivity for melanocortin receptor 4 (MC4R):

“Bremelanotide is an agonist of many melanocortin receptors which in order of potency are MC1R, MC4R, MC3R, MC5R, and MC2R. 

The mechanism by which agonism of these receptors translates to an improvement in hypoactive sexual desire disorder is currently unknown, however MC4R receptors are present in many areas of the central nervous system.

MC3R and MC4R are found in the hypothalamus and are involved in food intake and energy homeostasis.1

One theory is that bremelanotide stimulates dopamine in the medial preoptic area, which is involved in the sexual behaviour of a number of organisms”

This means PT-141 is targeting the region of the brain responsible for regulating our response to sexual stimuli, rather than increasing blood flow in the penis like a PDE5 inhibitor (i.e. Cialis, Viagra) would.

And for some reason, even though PT-141 can also act on the MC1R receptor, we don’t see the tanning/darkening of skin observed with Melanotan 2.

MC4R seems to be the key here, according to a review of preclinical research published in 2004:

“Preclinical and clinical results support the involvement of melanocortins in the modulation of erectile and sexual function. Current evidence indicates that the melanocortin 4 receptor subtype contributes to the proerectile effects observed with pan-receptor agonists. However, the putative receptor subtypes, pathways and mechanisms implicated in mediating the proerectile effects of melanocortins remain to be fully elucidated.”

That’s not to say the other receptors don’t simultaneously play a role, but MC4R seems to be the big one explaining how PT-141 works as a peptide for erectile dysfunction.

PT-141 Peptide Benefits for Libido and Erectile Dysfunction

With less than 100 studies about PT-141 published on PubMed between 2003 and the present date, PT-141 is decisively a single-use peptide.

I could end it off here and just say PT-141 is a drug designed to improve sexual performance and nothing more, but sex is a big topic.

What specific part(s) of sex change when PT-141 is used optimally?

Let’s dig in…

WARNING: Many of the testimonials and descriptions will get graphic. But this language is necessary to highlight what PT-141 can do for you.


To put this in plain English, PT-141 is primarily meant to increase sexual DESIRE (what happens in the brain) rather than AROUSAL (what happens physically, i.e. after taking a Viagra), thus it’s most accurately described as a peptide for libido.

One woman’s experience with PT-141 describes the difference between the two, although she experienced both:

“After more than an hour, I started to feel a sense of warmth between my legs. Unsure if this was the extent of it, I took a shower. As I soaped up, I realized I was lingering on every part of my body; just grazing my legs or arms felt electrifying, tingly. I was hot, flushed, and hyper-sensitive before I experienced any sexual stimuli.

My partner felt similarly, and when we had sex, my orgasm was a thunderclap — longer-lasting and powerful in a way that for me, usually only happens in my most turned-on state following prolonged foreplay. Having sex on bremelanotide was simply fun — when its effects hit, we grabbed each other giddily, feeling like we’d biohacked a next-level lust.”

We’ll have to focus on the women for the clinical studies, as that’s how the drug was pushed towards approval status:

Phase I, 2016: ‘For 1.25/1.75-mg pooled versus placebo, mean changes from baseline to study end were +0.7 versus +0.2 satisfying sexual events/month (p = 0.0180), +3.6 versus +1.9 female sexual function index total score (p = 0.0017), −11.1 versus −6.8 female sexual distress scale-desire/arousal/orgasm total score (p = 0.0014). Adverse events: nausea, flushing, headache.'”

Phase III, 2019: ‘ From baseline to end-of-study, women taking bremelanotide had statistically significant increases in sexual desire (study 301: 0.30, P<.001; study 302: 0.42, P<.001; integrated studies 0.35, P<.001) and statistically significant reductions in distress related to low sexual desire (study 301: −0.37, P<.001; study 302: −0.29, P=.005; integrated studies −0.33, P<.001) compared with placebo.'”

Phase III, 2019, 52-week follow-up: The change in Female Sexual Function Index–desire domain score and Female Sexual Distress Scale–Desire/Arousal/Orgasm item 13 from baseline to end of the open-label extension ranged from 1.25 to 1.30 and −1.4 to −1.7, respectively, for patients who received bremelanotide during the core phase, and 0.70–0.77 and −0.9, respectively, for patients who received placebo during the core phase.”

Translation — women found distress associated with low sexual desire go way down, while seeing increases in positive sexual desire.

Many testimonials on online forums from postmenopausal women back these findings up:

Animalistic urges: “If you can handle a small insulin poke into sub q stomach tissue, it will activate the primal instinct part of your brain that NEEDS sex within 4-5 hours (lasting 12-24). It does not work like a “boner pill” in that it activates the psychological part of our brain as opposed to keeping blood rushing into the little guy.”

Enhanced libido: “u will be able to and want to have sex for the whole day/night.. U just wanna keep going and do nothing but have sex.. Nothing else is on your mind for awhile as long as your with a girl. And if your not this will make u find a mate.. That will Be the only thing on your mind… This works better in my opinion then Viagra, Levitra or cialis.. Which I have tried all. The libido factor it provides is what truly sets it apart.”

Fixing low sexual desire: “my Mrs went from no interest (after post natal depression) to humping my leg in her sleep and waking me up with head in the morning.”

Helps old men feel young again: “I’m 72 and have suffered impotence for several years, and this stuff gives me CONFIDENCE that I can perform. The combo of Bremelanotide and a half-dose of Viagra gives me COMPLETE CONFIDENCE (V alone will not provide me with an erection that lasts till orgasm). I suspect that this brand-new feeling of exuberant confidence is like a powerful upper for me”

Erectile Dysfunction

As you’ll soon see, many men with erectile dysfunction and otherwise healthy men have used this drug off-label with great success.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, we can compile some of the effects personally observed by biohackers worldwide…

Lower refractory period: “It takes me about 4 hours to kick in. When it does be ready and have your partner ready for some serious fucking because you will be in Heat like an animal. Fuck till you cum and your dick will go soft but in a few minutes or so you will rock hard again and ready for more sex. This will go on for hours. It’s great stuff.”

Increased erectile strength: “ive never done more than the recommended max- 2mg. I only use it on drug fueled orgy nights. use an insulin syringe to put 1.5-2 mg in belly fat, about 6 hours before- you night get nauseous for an hour or two- it passes, then your cock will get alarmingly hard and condom-splittingly huge on command for about 72 hrs.”

More powerful orgasms: “The experiment of injecting 2mg a week is becoming ever more encouraging. Even (or perhaps especially) six or seven days after  a PT-141 injection waking erections are faster, and firmer.  Most significantly orgasms are a lot more powerful.  After injecting (either in the morning or evening) erections can be induced, after retiring to bed, by thought alone – even before falling asleep.”

Improved stamina: “Libido ^ maybe 20%. NO PROBLEM in the hard dept, and that had been a problem for me at times. Endurance and stamina; WAY WAY up!”

Heightened penile sensitivity: “First time use of pt-141 was an awesome experience. Felt strong libido effects for at least 12 hours and lessor effects for another 12. Walking and the friction from my pants would result in an erection. Many erections throughout the day. The side effects I experienced were minimal. Intimacy with my partner was on another level and my climax came easier than normal”

This is one of the very few cases where both the clinical trials and the biohackers are in mutual agreement about what a peptide for erectile dysfunction does and how well it works in the human body.

So whether you’re sexless or looking to take your sex life from a Level 9 to a Level 10, PT-141 could be the missing ingredient.

PT-141 Dosage For Sexual Performance And Arousal

Thanks to all of the in-depth investigation done so far, we more-or-less know what the best PT-141 dosage is for better sex and higher libido:

2 mg injected subcutaneously around 1 hour before sex, with only one injection every 72 hours

But with all that said, there are multiple things to take in mind:

And last but not least: Keep the peptide stored at room temperature and away from sunlight.

PT-141 Side Effects & Safety Profile

The good news about PT-141’s side effects is that they are well-documented and reported — no need for guesswork or reckless experimentation.

If we take a look at the peptide’s monograph on the FDA website, we can see the following table:

Surprisingly, the most common PT-141 side effects reported by biohackers overlap with the table above:

And if all of the above isn’t enough, this 2022 review of all 43 clinical study performed on PT-141 across 3500 patients should tell you how “bad” things can get:

“There were no deaths; a few subjects experienced serious AEs. Focal hyperpigmentation was rare when bremelanotide was dosed in accordance with label recommendations, but it occurred in more than one-third of subjects following up to 16 consecutive daily dosings.

Small and transient but statistically significant blood pressure increases were observed during ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. Most drug–drug interactions were not clinically significant, except for interactions that lowered plasma concentrations of indomethacin and naltrexone.”

A few comments…

First, it is reported that taking an antihistamine and drinking lots of water may help with the nausea and flushing.

Second, reserve this peptide for your “sex-capades” and not for regular intercourse.

The official FDA monograph recommends using it no more than 8 times a month.

Third, and I cannot emphasize this enough, everybody is different.

Do what’s right for YOU and assess how YOU feel when using PT-141, good or bad.

Where to Buy PT-141

Buying PT-141 online is easy if you just use common sense.

Vendor selection is absolutely key due to the growing number of fraudulent sellers who either sell impure product and/or are a few days away from the FDA shutting them down.

Next, avoid the nasal spray unless you want to experience a milder and less effective version of PT-141. 

The overwhelming majority of people (here, here, here, here, and here) who have used PT-141 agree that subcutaneous injections are hands-down superior.

Also, most people will find themselves opting for a research chemical company instead of getting a prescription. 

Take a look at the prices on RXList and

At a MINIMUM you will end up paying $1,000 for a single 7 mg vial if you buy the brand name.

Here’s where the good news comes in: Limitless Life Nootropics currently stocks PT-141!

Alternatively, you can also use Melanotan 2 if you want to stimulate its libido-enhancing effects (see the evidence here and here) and are ok with a new tan… but you’ll have to find it elsewhere!

Use code JAY15 to get 15% off your order!

Additional Reading Resources For PT-141

While I usually reserve this section for deeper intel related to the peptide being discussed, I want to divide this section into two parts.

The first will be what you came for: Additional information about the PT-141 peptide I couldn’t include in a single article due to length.

The second will be my recommended resources for achieving “sex god” status for men and women.

More Intel On PT-141

This long write-up covers all of the in-depth science, the corruption of FDA officials who refused to approve it, its ongoing history, and numerous testimonials from men and women who have successfully used PT-141.

Excel Male has a great lecture on PT-141, along with a compilation of forum discussions that tell you everything you need to know about this Golden Age sex enhancer… both as a peptide for libido AND as a peptide for erectile dysfunction

Sexual Performance Enhancement — My Endorsed Articles & Products

My definitive guide on Cialis teaches you how to use this popular erectile dysfunction drug for better sex. It also includes:

You should also seek to do the following things:

As always…

Raise Your Vibration To Optimize Your Love Creation!

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