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Hypogonadism Defined: Choosing When to Optimize Your Testosterone Levels

Hypogonadism Defined: Choosing When to Optimize Your Testosterone Levels

Do you refuse to accept getting softer, weaker, depressed, and having a low libido as ‘normal’ and ‘healthy’ aging? Why would you, or any man you know for that matter, want to feel this way? Especially; when you know that you can optimize your blood levels for life, with the power of therapeutic testosterone! Testosterone is the hormone that performs a crucial role in masculine growth. And when a man’s body does not produce enough testosterone, hypogonadism may occur, impairing the ability to produce sperm, sex hormones, or both. There are two forms of diagnosed hypogonadism:

Primary Hypogonadism results from defects of the gonads which can result from physical abnormalities to the HPTA (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testes-Axis). It is usually when luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) are elevated. Since these two hormones are produced in the gonads, elevated levels of both hormones likely mean the problem of low testosterone is due to issues there.

Secondary Hypogonadism results from hypothalamic or pituitary defects which may link to obesity, insulin resistance, or environmental factors. In this instance, LH or FSH is at normal or low levels, suggesting the problem is a disruption within the HTPA/HPGA. It is the diagnosis most generally associated with aging men suffering from a testosterone deficiency. Many doctors falsely classify ‘normal aging’ as the cause of secondary hypogonadism, ignoring the environmental factors that are unique to modern societal living.

Choosing When to Optimize Your Testosterone Levels

There is nothing morally wrong or unethical about optimizing your body’s levels of testosterone. It’s not any different as getting Lasik or an artificial hip replacement surgery. The more you become aware of the factors decreasing male testosterone levels and educate yourself about how crucial the hormone is for your well-being; the next step is to get your levels checked and investigate if Testosterone Optimization Therapy (TOT) is a good solution for you. Before deciding to proceed with TOT, ask yourself:

Do I Face a Moral Dilemma in Choosing to Use Testosterone Optimization Therapy?

One of the most prominent challenges men face today is overcoming the potential ethical dilemma of using TOT. There is nothing morally wrong with optimizing your testosterone levels, any more than taking Lipitor to lower your cholesterol. There are no limits to the factors working AGAINST you and your testosterone levels—stress, diet, pollution, age, popular culture, and so on. Naturally occurring hormones are essential to the development of every human being on planet Earth. The fact that it is aggressively controlled and demonized reflects the incredible amount of ignorance in which mainstream society lives. Living with a testosterone deficiency is a silent pandemic because the vast majority of men aren’t even aware that low testosterone levels are an issue.

While it’s true that testosterone levels decline with age, it should not stop you from becoming proactive in seeking to optimize them first via natural means. You can do it through improvement of lifestyle factors like nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc. The harsh reality is that most men don’t take ownership of their health. They end up walking out of their doctor’s offices with a script for a harmful SSRI which inevitably leads to the worsening of their symptoms and overall health. Either that or they leave with some form of erectile dysfunction medication like Viagra. These medications only treat the symptoms of low testosterone such as depressed moods, low sex drive, etc.; realistically, they ignore the cause. Want to learn more? Get optimized by reading the bible. Click here.


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