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TOT Revolution’s Recommended Testosterone Optimization Therapy (TOT) Protocols

TOT Revolution’s Recommended Testosterone Optimization Therapy (TOT) Protocols

After close to 20 years of using injectable testosterone in the context of health and longevity, we present our recommended protocols in order of preference for lifelong Testosterone Optimization Therapy (TOT) administration. Each option works exceptionally well, and it is our opinion that as long as one of them is consistently adhered to according to the unique needs and wants of the patient, the differences between them are minuscule concerning establishing stable blood testosterone levels, overall patient happiness and long-term success with TOT:

  • Option 1A: 10-30 mg of testosterone injected daily. This strategy provides the most stable testosterone levels, and it will also help to minimize aromatization and erythrocytosis due to closely mimicking the bodies natural production.
  • Option 1B: 50- 70mg of testosterone injected every other day (EOD) This is a nice compromise between daily and twice-a-week administration if you cannot bring yourself to administer daily injections.
  • Option 2: 50-100 mg of Testosterone injected twice weekly (preferably every 3rd day) This option is the MOST POPULAR CHOICE and preferred by most patients due to the lack of injection frequency.

The Right Dosage

The “right dosage” varies from patient to patient; it will require collaborating with your doctor to regularly test your levels of testosterone and estrogen, to establish and maintain optimal hormonal balance. However, a general baseline upper range dosage limit is 200-250 mg every seven days. A balance will correspond to the right hormonal levels, but it will ultimately come down to how great you feel and if there are no side effects. Always start low and go slow. We are big proponents of the minimum effective dosage principle (MED). For patients who are extremely fearful of needles, one intramuscular injection of 100-250 mg every 7th day (once per week) is acceptable. Unfortunately, “acceptable” is not optimal. We highly recommend the once-per-week dosing as your last resort. If you have a prescribing physician that insists on making this your only option (meaning you have to come to the office once per week to get your dose administered), you should consider other options or another doctor.

Our recommendations are based on the use of multidose vials, commonly prescribed in the United States. However, if you live outside of the United States, it’s likely that you will be prescribed glass ampoules that will hamper your ability to customize your dosage. It is because once the glass ampoules have been opened and exposed to air, the contents must be used or discarded immediately for sterility reasons. As we have stated; if you live in a country or state where it is illegal to administer testosterone without a doctor’s prescription, then choosing the route of self-administration without a legitimate prescription is breaking the law. We urge you to educate yourself on the laws of your respective country or state. To find out much more about the proper way to administer Testosterone Replacement Therapy, grab a copy of my book.


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