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Peptide Medicine: The Future Of Optimized Healthcare For The Next 10 Years

Therapeutic peptides are not hard-to-access compounds which can only be used by the elite for specialized purposes.

They are a revolutionary new form of medicine that can be used by anybody, no matter their age or goals.

From ultimate health optimization to treating chronic diseases, there is virtually nothing they cannot treat or fix.

Which is why they are poised to become a $65 billion market worldwide by 2026:

“Currently, there are more than 800 peptide drugs in clinical pipeline and 197 peptide-based drugs commercially available in the market.”

“The future potential of expanding peptide therapeutics market is contributed towards the characteristics like safety, targeted drug delivery and high specificity.

Especially for illnesses requiring prolonged therapy, peptides have a competitive advantage over conventional small molecule drugs.

Due to their extremely high specificity for their intended target, in combination with the fact that they are extra cellularly active, much lower amounts can be formulated.”

One biotech company is even using artificial intelligence to find therapeutic peptides that can treat COVID-19:

“Nuritas’ Peptide Finder (ΝΠΦ) Platform combines a database with years of experiments on thousands of peptides with state-of-the-art machine learning (ML) architecture that can identify peptides active against a target or pathway of interest.”

“They will have two projects focusing on COVID-19 peptide identification: one for identifying antiviral peptides that target how SARS-CoV-2 hijacks cells, and one for identifying peptides that locally reduce lung inflammation without suppressing the entire immune system.”

But where did the interest in therapeutic peptides come from?

Who came up with the genius idea to use them in the first place?

A Brief History On The Use Of Peptides In Medicine

Believe it or not, peptides have been actively used in medicine for the past 100 years:

“Starting about a century ago (World War I), the advent of the modern drug era came with pioneering therapeutic compounds like the opiate morphine and the cyclic peptide penicillin, followed in the early 1920s by the (poly)peptide insulin.”

However, small molecules were much easier to manufacture and administer for the pharmaceutical industry, which is why they were favored over peptides.

But this quickly worked against them — combined with the cost needed to bring one to the market and increasingly strict regulations, alternative solutions were needed:

“Fewer new drugs make it to the market and the patent protection of current blockbuster drugs is deteriorating, with a resulting drainage of the drug pipelines.

All this may ultimately push the pharmaceutical industry towards a new frontier in modern drug development.”

Most interestingly, peptides have also been sought out as an alternative to antibodies:

“Antibodies excel at target binding and PPI disruption with potency and specificity.

However, they carry certain liabilities, including an inability to access intracellular targets, poor tissue penetration, complex manufacturing and storage, immunogenic potential, and limitations to targets of sufficiently poor homology in host animals for B cell reactivity.”

Keep in mind that peptides are distinct from proteins, which are larger (>50 amino acids) and spontaneously rearrange into different structures.

Why Are Therapeutic Peptides So Versatile?

There are numerous reasons why peptides are being heavily used by optimization doctors who want to provide better care for their patients.

Therapeutic Peptides Treat NUMEROUS Conditions

Just take a look at this list I found of how peptides can heal and enhance the human body:

  • Increasing bone strength and density
  • Supporting joints
  • Supporting a healthy libido
  • Reducing erectile dysfunction
  • Increasing muscle strength
  • Improving sleep
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Improving fatigue
  • Supporting mood

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You can also gain lean muscle, slow down aging, strengthen the immune system, increase IQ, lose stubborn body fat, and treat major diseases such as chronic inflammation, Alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injury, and much more!

Therapeutic Peptides Can Be Administered In Several Ways

While each peptide will have an “optimal” form of delivery, there are several methods for administering them.

You can inject them subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

Some of them can even be taken as an oral pill, like the muscle-building agent (small molecule) 5-Amino 1MQ.

Therapeutic Peptides Can Be Created Naturally Or Synthetically

Many of the peptides I have talked about are naturally produced by the body, which is why they tend to work so well with very few side effects.

Other peptides can be synthetically created in a lab, and many leading research teams have worked tirelessly to make them in a way that is both quick and cost-effective:

What Stops Therapeutic Peptides From Going Mainstream?

Bluntly, therapeutic peptides are simply too competitive with traditional pharmaceutical drugs.

They work far better for treating certain conditions and come with fewer unwanted side effects.

This would directly compete with existing revenue streams, which is why certain actions are taken to ensure they don’t reach widespread use.

One example of active suppression involves approving a peptide for an extremely narrow use while targeting doctors who are using them for off-label purposes (i.e. their REAL purpose).

I have written extensively about this topic in a very recent article of mine.

But the Clinical Peptide Society does a great job of summarizing the FDA’s efforts to ban peptides:’

“Unfortunately the FDA has implemented regulatory changes in the definition of a peptide less than 40 amino acid long and a ‘biological product’. 

One compound pharmacy has been restricted in compounding peptides like BPC-157, MOTS-c, Semax and other peptides. 

It is predicted that other compound pharmacies will no longer be able to compound peptides since the peptides are not on the Bulk Compounding List (503a) although they have been nominated to be on the list.”

Doctors are fighting to enact policy change that allows the use of peptides for medical purposes, as the FDA is purposely rushing very few hearings without any public input.

The best way for you to help them is to visit and have your voice heard!

A Few Therapeutic Peptides You MUST Know About

To tell you about every single therapeutic peptide in existence would be going way beyond the scope of this article.

That privilege is being reserved for my upcoming therapeutic peptide book being released this year.

But in the meantime, here are some of the most prominent ones worth your attention…

Peptides For Fat Loss

AOD-9604, short for “Advanced Obesity Drug”, is a modified form of amino acids #176-191 at the C-terminus of the human growth hormone (hGH) peptide.

Making up less than 10% of the total peptide, this small section appears to control the fat-reducing effects attributable to hGH.

In other words, AOD-9604 induces fat loss without the side effect of insulin resistance (seen in many other peptides that stimulate growth hormone).

Tesamorelin and Ipamorelin are BY FAR the best two medications in existence for losing stubborn body fat, and I have extensive experience with using both peptides for weight loss.

I made an in-depth YouTube video with step-by-step instructions for how to use them together:

Peptides For Muscle Gain

PEG-MGF (Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor) is a promising peptide for hormonally optimized people who want to add a big “boost” to their lean muscle gains.

To describe what it does in a single sentence: “It significantly improves recuperation, can help minimize the effect of DOMS, and also elicit increased protein synthesis for muscle hypertrophy.”

5-Amino 1MQ works by targeting NNMT (small molecule nicotinamide N-methyltransferase), which has a role in the regulation of nicotinamide (NA) and of the methionine cycle.

NNMT inhibition activates muscle stem cells and promotes the regeneration of aged muscle cells.

I have put on 9 pounds of lean mass after four weeks of using it, with ZERO changes to my current diet or training schedule.

Peptides For Skin Care

No other peptide deserves to be here more than GHK-Cu.

It Improves skin density and firmness, reduces fine lines and deep wrinkles, dramatically improve skin clarity, and tightens loose skin.

Many of my friends have noted its ability to treat sunburns, which is great for those of us who are fair-skinned.

GHK-Cu is a topical solution that works systemically, as you can apply it to any part of your body and heal the site of injury (no injections necessary).

I like this Peptide so much that I co-founded Aseir Custom to sell it.

Even better is that GHK-Cu combined with C-60 revolutionary regrows hair. (Our product is currently in the pipeline and arriving soon)


Peptides For Wound & Injury Healing

BPC-157 has been a favorite of mine, so much so that I have dedicated an entire article to this peptide.

As I said in the article, It is extremely protective of numerous bodily systems, on top of possessing the ability to radically accelerate the healing process of several types of injuries [such as muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments].”

TB-500 is another healing acceleration recovery peptide which is slightly better than BPC-157 for healing muscle injuries.

Just like BPC-157, it can be injected anywhere in the body (rather than directly at the site of injury).

Since both peptides work synergistically, you can take them at the same time and further speed up your body’s natural rate of healing.

Peptides For Improving Cognition

Dihexa is a powerful peptide derived from angiotensin IV that can actually repair brain damage instead of slowing down the rate at which it happens.

It is SEVEN TIMES more potent than BDNF, a neurochemical essential for forming new neural connections in the brain and allowing us to take in new information.

Not only can it potentially be used for treating Alzheimer’s, but it can also increase your mental stamina and long-term memory.

Semax is a ridiculously powerful nootropic, but it’s also cardioprotective, neuroprotective, neurorestorative, a powerful immune booster, and a nifty way to treat optic nerve disorder.

Like Dihexa, it can also lead to a big boost in the brain’s BDNF levels.

Its analog, N-Acetyl Semax, is a much more powerful variant due to its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier with greater ease.

Peptides For Sexual Health

PT-141 (a.k.a. Bremelanotide, “Vyleesi”) is a synthetic melanocortin analog that is derived from Melanotan 2 and is known as the world’s first FDA-approved aphrodisiac. (I will have an article that dives deeper about the merits of PT-141 in the coming weeks.)

Unlike other drugs meant for sexual health, it targets the region of the brain responsible for regulating sexual response, which makes it useful for both men and women.

But for the men reading this, it is phenomenal at increasing erection strength and duration.

Every Single Peptides Podcast I Have Ever Done

No blog post on peptides would possibly be complete without mentioning every single podcast I have ever done on the subject.

So here they are!

Why Peptides Are the Future of Medicine w/ Ryan Smith

This was the podcast that started my deep exploration into the world of therapeutic peptides. (I had been a user of Ipamorelin since 2007).

Although I had previously written about some of them in The TOT Bible, it wasn’t until meeting Ryan Smith of Tailor Made Compounding that I went all in.

I highly recommend watching the entire thing, but to sum it up in two sentences:

“They are the future of medicine because of just how many health and optimization problems they can solve.

Peptides are great because they don’t have many side effects from a metabolizing standpoint, and you don’t have to worry about drug interactions.”

Recap of the International Peptides Society Conference with Carl Lanore

I was privileged to attend the International Peptides Society Conference on August 9th-10th, 2019.

While I wasn’t able to share all of the proprietary high-level information presented in the conference, that doesn’t mean I didn’t give away some golden nuggets. 😉

Watch this podcast if you want to know more about therapeutic peptides than most doctors do!

High-Level Peptide Recommendations for Superhero Performance w/ Dr. Elizabeth Yurth

Dr. Yurth jones me in a deep-dive interview to talk about how she has successfully used peptides to treat older patients for issues such as bone degradation.

I highly recommend sharing this podcast with anyone in their late 40s and above!

The Peptide Revolution in Modern Medicine w/ Dr. William Seeds

Considered one of the top peptides experts in the world, Dr. Seeds was fortunate enough to share exactly how peptides will change the future of healthcare.

As I wrote in the podcast description:

“Peptides aren’t about cheating the health code or enhancing performance, they are about repairing and restoring our bodies.

Every aspect of our bodies and our health can be completely changed by peptides. “

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Peptides But Didn’t Know How To Ask

What you’re about to see is an incredibly comprehensive FAQ where we answer multiple questions about peptides.

If you have any thoughts or concerns about the therapeutic use of peptides, there’s a 99% chance this video will answer all of them.

A Physician’s Assistant’s Perspective On Peptides & Optimization w/ AJ Piovesan

It was a real pleasure to talk with a physician’s assistant and get their in-the-field perspective on treating patients with peptides.

My favorite takeaway from this podcast was how peptides are superior to growth hormones, and why anyone who says otherwise is either using them wrong or taking “fake” peptides.

The Best Podcast EVER DONE on Using Therapeutic Peptides

Joined by Ryan Smith and Blake McLeod from Tailor Made Compounding, I gave my viewers a state-of-the-science overview on therapeutic peptides to kick off 2020.

Many of these peptides are ones you will NOT see in any of my written materials (until my peptides book releases later this year).

We discussed how much to take, how to cycle them, what they’ll cost you, and who should (or should NOT) be using them.

How To Use Peptides To Boost Immunity, Heal, Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Increase IQ & Slow Aging!

Last and certainly not least, here is the EPIC podcast between myself, Nick Andrews, Ryan Smith, and notable biohacker Ben Greenfield.

This is nearly 2 hours of golden age intel that rivals anything else you will find online regarding peptides, both new and old.

If you want to go through the entire transcript instead, click here.

Where Do Therapeutic Peptides Go From Here?

I wish I could give you an optimistic answer to this question.

As I mentioned earlier, there is an ACTIVE effort by Big Pharma and other higher powers to actively suppress therapeutic peptides into non-existence.

I can’t even say for sure what will happen next.

The powers that be may banish them into the black market.

We may also see a united revolution where physicians, biohackers, and patients in the health optimization community unite to keep peptides in circulation.

All I will say is this: Without an active fight, the future of therapeutic peptides is uncertain.

It is up to each and every one of us to speak up.

Read every single one of my articles and watch all of my podcasts on the subject.

Share them with your friends, family, and healthcare workers to spread the good word.

Educate yourself on how just one of these peptides could completely change the trajectory of your life by reading The TOT Bible or Living A Fully Optimized Life.

My new peptides book coming out later this year will be nothing short of groundbreaking and I truly hope it sparks a MASSIVE international movement.

If you want to see snippets from the book as it is being written in real-time, make sure you join my email list!

Every single Monday email will feature a new peptide being added to the book until its eventual release to the public.


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