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VibraGenix: A Revolutionary Device For Total Body Healing Through Sound Energy Medicine

I believe the Golden Age of medicine won’t come in the form of radical changes to our healthcare system.

If you know anything about my stance and what I see in the future, we are doomed with a titan-sized monstrosity that can only be defeated by complete and total collapse.

But we are seeing progress in the form of groundbreaking biotechnology — there are some seriously gifted product developers who are pushing the envelope in ways I never thought possible.

And frankly they are the ONLY reason I visit medical conferences nowadays (don’t get me started on what these allopathic practitioners believe about Finasteride)

Which brings me to a device I recently got my hands on called The VibraGenix.

To say it is AWE-SPIRING is a tremendous understatement.

Through its acoustic wave technology (similar to what powers The Phoenix for treating erectile dysfunction), it can be used for nearly anything…

  • Pain management
  • Performance Enhancement and Recovery
  • Body Fat loss
  • Healing Emotional Trauma

….and virtually any physical body disease state and/or health goal you can think of.

Rather than limit ourselves to extremely specific use cases, we now have a healing modality for nearly everything.

This genius idea to integrate holistic frequencies with sound vibration, since we are wave-form spiritual energy beings after all, is made possible by VibraGenix founder Caroline Stites.

Her 2 decades of experience as a doctor of naturopathic medicine have allowed her to create a revolutionary device powered exclusively by vibrational frequency healing.

Keep reading this article to discover why the VibraGenix machine is the now and the future of medicine, and make sure to catch the podcast we recently did if you want to dive deeper into the science of harmonic frequencies and vibration:


What Is VibraGenix?

The VibraGenix is an electricity-powered sound vibration system that vibrates while the user positions themself on the platform (via standing, sitting or even exercising).

Through the use of sound wave vibration, this acoustic wave technology us precise harmonic frequencies in the 4-20,000 Hertz range to heal your energy field.

You energy field is also known as your bio-field, auric field or even as the morphogenetic field.

You can customize the vibrational pattern to your liking – intensity/magnitude, frequency, duration, type of vibration – to create a rejuvenating experience which is specific to the type of healing you desire to experience (if needed you can adjust frequency type and intensity of frequency mid-use).

Other highlights of The VibraGenix technology include:

  • State-of-the-art touch screen with preset programs for the health outcome you want
  • Super user-friendly software (as simple as using an Apple computer)
  • Needs no additional staff, configuration, installation or maintenance – plug into an outlet, choose the frequencies you want, and enjoy a revitalizing 5-20 minute experience
  • Takes up minimal floor space
  • Sleek design that is stain-resistant and ergonomic 
  • Numerous easy-to-understand video tutorials are included for installation and navigating the software interface
  • Over 1000 frequency formulas based on 80 years of sound frequency research bridging eastern, western, and natural medicine – brain entrainment, rife frequencies, chakra balancing, solfeggio frequencies, and much more!

Effectively, The VibraGenix is a proprietary holistic healing system that integrates all currently known frequency formulas found in the universe,

The VibraGenix is the first sound wave medical technology to provide all of these frequencies in one place.

VibraGenix can address an infinite number of problems on the basis of a very simple premise:

Every single biological health issue has a specific frequency formula generating energy into the +100 trillion cells of your body (via increasing voltage in every cell) in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

In turn, these newly energized cells can help your body(or any biological organism) become fully health optimized via cellular regeneration and healing while also developing greater resistance to dis-EASE and injury.

There are numerous frequency formulas for addressing symptoms of mental illness, relieving pain, detoxing your body, accelerating post-workout recovery, and the list goes on.

The science behind this entire process is fairly extensive, so I had Caroline give me the Cliff Notes summary:

“The human body at base essence is merely energy and frequency.
If you study quantum physics, we all exist in a field of energy (morphogenetic field) that constantly surrounds and passes over and through us.
We are constantly emitting and picking up information regardless of our energetic frequency (high or low vibration).
Collectively we are this massive morphogenetic field and the best way to treat our physical body is by harmonizing it with varying resonant frequencies to raise our vibration ie enhance our consciousness.”
I highly recommend watching the two videos below to get a better idea of the sound frequency medicine tech powering the VibraGenix:

How is VibraGenix Different From a PowerPlate?

You may have taken a quick glance at the VibraGenix and concluded it is no different from another popular fitness device known as the PowerPlate.

The PowerPlate, and other similar devices, operate on a phenomenon known as “Whole Body Vibration” (WBV) that was first popularized by the Soviet Union in the 1950s:

“WBV [Whole body vibration] is a mechanical stimulus characterized by oscillatory motion delivered to the entire body from a platform.

The devices currently available use two different systems: (a) a vertical vibration, meaning the whole plate oscillates uniformly up and down with only a vertical translation; and (b) reciprocating vertical displacements on the left and right side of a fulcrum, increasing the lateral accelerations.

Biomechanical parameters, included in WBV training, are body position, amplitude, frequency, magnitude and duration.

The effects on WBV depend on the training parameters being used:

amplitude–the extent of the oscillatory motion, peak-to-peak vertical displacement in millimetres;

frequency–the number of impulses delivered per second (repetition rate of the cycles of oscillation), in hertz (Hz);

magnitude–the acceleration of the movement, in g’s (where 1 g is the acceleration due the earth’s gravitational field or 9.81 m/s2); and

duration–the total amount of time that a person spends on the platform, in seconds or minutes.”

The science-backed benefits of WBV have been extensively documented, but here is a precise summary on how it helps diseased individuals:

“WBV has been reported to be applied to various clinical populations, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, chronic kidney disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Among the aforementioned clinical populations, various beneficial effects have been reported, such as enhancement of the muscular strength and power; improvement of flexibility, gait speed, blood flow, and balance; and diminishing pain and risk of falls. Besides, the associated improvement in the quality of life has been reported in various clinical populations.”

HOWEVER… these devices operate on mechanical vibration, whereas VibraGenix operates on the principle of sonic vibration ie acoustic wave frequency:

“…simply mechanically vibrating the cells is not the same as increasing cellular vitality and voltage.

With VibraSonic Whole Body Vibration, the cells vibrate in response to the electromagnetic and sonic/sound wave stimulation, which increases the electrical potential or voltage of the cell.

This is not to be confused with the mechanical technology that simply shakes the body and its cells.

From the standpoint of Physics, sound waves travel through the space within our atoms, infinitely better than the mechanical vibration that results from standing on a plate with some type of hammering motor under it.”

“You cannot play music, or other sound frequencies through any of the mechanical machines – and that is the magical component, greatly expanding the capability of the VibraSonic fitness equipment.

Mechanical vibration cannot increase cell voltage or induce a natural healing response in the body. 

In blood samples taken before and after 10 minutes of Mechanical Whole Body Vibration – there is No change in the sample, and the cells remain clumped and dysfunctional.”

Let me dive deeper into what separates VibraGenix from other mechanical vibrational machines and makes it a true game-changer in the world of energy healing:

  • VibraGenix is strictly sound-based and employs a speaker system that uses audio circuits and powerful magnetic voice coils
  • VibraGenix uses a natural vertical plane of motion in the form of pure sound waves to cancel out negative aspects of mechanical movement, while other machines result in unnatural directions in physical movement and vibration due to using 1+ motors that run at a single speed and/or use multi-directional plates
  • VigraGenix is quiet and will not disturb people around you, while other machines are excessively noisy
  • VibraGenix operates at ultra-low frequencies (4 to 20,000 Hz) where the medicinal frequencies for each part of your body are located, while mechanical plate machines are far more constrained and can only operate in the 30-60 Hz range
  • VibraGenix allows you to play music through it, whereas the other machines do not

To make a long story short…

Even if the competitor machines are far cheaper to manufacture and provide some benefits of exercise, they lack the hundreds of sound frequency formulas, exercise variety, and the ability to induce a natural healing response VibraGenix can.

No other vibration machine on the market is anywhere close to this level!

VibraGenix Applications: What Can It Be Used For?


The limitless flexibility of VibraGenix means it can be applied to virtually any health goal or disease you can imagine.

Lowering chronic inflammation and making pain relief more rapid are just the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s look at a few of them a bit more closely…

Bone Density and Muscle Mass

While this normally won’t be an issue for a hormonally optimized aging individuals, most aging men and women in the retirement age range (+60 years old) often suffer from progressive loss of bone mineral density and lean muscle mass.

And given their mobility issues doesn’t equip them to do heavy squats and deadlifts, the VibraGenix is the perfect solution:

According to Dr Stites:

“One of the issues we face as we age is potential bone loss and increased susceptibility to fracture.
Whole Body Vibration technology was originally designed to prevent bone and muscle loss in the zero-gravity environment of space.
In the environment of earth’s gravity this has been found to be effective at strengthening bones, and in some cases even reversing bone loss.
This is a critical factor for increasing the quality of life throughout our Golden years.
Another helpful aspect of this technology is the increase in balance and coordination.
This helps in fall prevention, another critical aspect of the aging equation.
If you are unable to exercise with traditional methods due to balance issues, the VibraGenix machine will give you the exercise you need to maintain your quality of life and keep your systems functioning as well as possible”

Caroline expands further:

“There is an involuntary muscular response to vibration; the muscle contracts and relaxes at the same rate as the Hz set on the VibraGenix unit.
Specific sound frequencies make muscles contract more often and to a greater degree.
For example, if the unit is set to 30Hz for 30 seconds, the muscle will contract and relax 900 times.
Muscle stimulation over times will increase strength and balance”

Take a look at this YouTube playlist of all the workouts you can do on the VibraGenix and tell me your grandmother/grandfather can’t do it!

Weight Loss

Caroline has done numerous webinars and podcasts on the subject of VibraGenix speeding up weight loss, two of which I’ll share below:

This machine can burn anywhere between 200-250 calories in a SINGLE 10-20 minute session if you are doing weighted/band exercises while using the machine and pre-configure your program to a high-enough intensity!

Caroline went out of her way to share an unpublished 1-month weight loss study she did that truly shows the incredible power of this vibrational frequency technology:

“I always look at my patients’ diet to balance things out and see if things can be improved, but I was very curious to see how well VibraGenix works in the short-term as most weight loss studies have a timespan of 6-12 months. 
I pulled 71 people and had them do three 20-minute VibraGenix sessions per week for an entire month, making no dietary changes except for drinking more water.
Blood pressure, anxiety, depression, sleep, and (most importantly) weight all improved around the board.
One patient even lost 21 inches and 21.8 pounds at the end of the four weeks.”

Anti-aging has never been faster or easier!

Shortened Recovery

Take a look at VibraGenix’s long list of video testimonials – notice how it’s not just old people praising the results this Golden Age tech can generate?

Coaches and athletes love this device because it does a phenomenal job of eliminating lactic acid buildup in your muscles, which is critical for rapid recovery.

This is doubly important for people in their 60s and 70s who desire to maintain an exercise regimen, which easily helps them turn the clock back 15 years while reaping the life-extending benefits of physical exercise.

Better Flexibility

One benefit I didn’t expect to hear about was an increased range of motion in people who swear their inflexibility is permanent.

Many people find themselves “accidentally” being able to touch their toes much more easily if they do it before and after using the VibraGenix.

And if you do your stretches while the VibraGenix is turned on… well, I don’t have to tell you what happens next.

Yes, it can help improve your flexibility.

Before you use the VibraGenix, try touching your toes, after your session try touching your toes again.

You will notice it may be much easier the second time.

A better range of motion and flexibility is usually the first thing that users notice.

Stretching on the VibraSonic is an ideal way to increase flexibility.

My Hands-On Experience With Using VibraGenix

No product endorsement would be fully complete without being fully open and transparent about my experience with using said product.

I accidentally stumbled upon the VibraGenix when I was attending the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) LongevityFest in Las Vegas which took place in early December 2022.

The conference was quite disappointing to say the least… never in my life have I seen so many “high-ranked” physicians spew out so much rampant misinformation (which I frequently debunk in my FREE articles).

I was about to leave the conference early until I met Caroline Stites and was intrigued at the VibraGenix and what it promised.

Now as you all know very well, I KNOW when a piece of technology has life-changing potential for fully optimized health and when it’s just another piece of overpriced crap.

I tried this device without any expectations… and I was literally FLOORED within the first 30 seconds.

Instantly, my entire body fell into this deep yet transcendental meditative state (a.k.a. the “theta” brainwave frequency)

It was one of the most insanely profound things I’ve ever tried – after about 30 seconds on this device, my entire body went into a deep, transcendental theta mind wave state.

Full body, mind and soul healing is the only way I can describe this unbelievable acoustic wave technology.

This device is arguably the physical manifestation of my slogan “Raise Your Vibration To Optimize Your Love Creation”

As I briefly mentioned at the start of the article, we are energy beings that operate through specific frequencies.

Therefore, if we can tap into the resonant frequencies that lead to elevated consciousness and wellness, we can unlock the key to optimization across every domain of life – emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual.

I firmly believe this otherworldly healing modality needs to be in EVERY single gym and private health clinic.

This is what we need to change the game of healthcare and escape from the clutches of traditional medicine… something that incorporates the basic principles of quantum physics while delivering real-world results we can measure and quantify.

What You Must Know BEFORE Using VibraGenix

I’ll end this article with some tips on properly using the VibraGenix device so you can maximize the benefits of its healing sound frequencies.

Getting More Out of the VibraGenix

Caroline recommends the following actions to enhance your experience:

  • Breathe in deeply while using the device to increase calorie burn
  • If your intentions are to improve exercise performance, make sure you are contracting your muscles maximally during your VibraGenix session (whether you are using bodyweight, bands, or weights)
  • Should you choose to stand still, make sure you are standing upright and tall with good posture for the best overall results.
  • To absorb more of the vibrations being emitted from the machine, ensure you are barefoot or wearing socks

Who Should Avoid Using VibraGenix?

As with any medical device, you should talk with a licensed physician before using the VibraGenix for the very first time and see if it is safe for you to operate the device.

The following individuals should avoid using the VibraGenix:

  • Pregnant women
  • Recent hip/knee replacement recipients – the sound frequencies vibrate the metal at a different frequency rate than bone, so abstain from using the device until the bone and metal fully adhere to each other (9 months for knee, 12 months for hip)
  • Anybody who recently had a metal pin/plate or IUD placed inside them
  • Patients recovering from wounds on a recent operation/surgery

Possible contraindications are not certain but can include things like extreme migraines, uncontrolled epilepsy, acute thrombosis, and severe diabetes.

And realistically, negative effects are observed in one of two scenarios:

  • An individual is extremely “toxic” and the vibrations emitted from the VibraGenix will detoxify them too quickly – start with smaller sessions and gradually work your way up to 15-20 minutes per session
  • People who overdo it and attempt to use the VibraGenix 2-3x per day for 20 minutes per session – they often feel like they came down with the flu by the end of the first week

Finally, children can use this machine, but they should be accompanied by an adult and stick with smaller sessions (5 minutes) at a lower intensity.

Which Machine To Buy? 

If you look at the Products page on the VibraGenix website, you will notice four very similar-looking machines.

Yet there are some subtle differences that will impact which one you choose.

WAVE – The most user-friendly option that has a max weight limit of 300 pounds. Does not come with Cell Exciters or Bose Speakers, or advanced programs (most of them are for athletic recovery, strength and conditioning, pain management, and basic wellness)

PRO – Same features as the WAVE except it has a 550-pound weight limit. Commonly requested by football players

FUSION – Has all of the bells and whistles in addition to the features offered by the WAVE and PRO. Advanced software features, integrated Bose speakers, Cell Exciters, and all +1000 frequency formulas. Maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds.

ELITE – The “maxed-out mac daddy” of them all. Has all the features of FUSION, but also comes with a 550-pound weight limit and a much larger plate. Up to 5 frequency formulas can be used at the same time. (This is the device I’ll have in my home in Mexico very soon)

So which one should you buy?

The FUSION and WAVE are the best options if you want to have this device in your home.

For medical clinics, wellness centers and athletic gyms, the FUSION or ELITE is what you want so you can have access to ALL of the frequency formulas and the advanced features.

How To Start Using VibraGenix Today

It is now my personal mission to ensure the WORLD has the opportunity to experience the vibration-raising and consciousness-enhancing frequencies the VibraGenix offers.

The VibraGenix is truly the ultimate whole-body healing system for achieving Level 10 health optimization.

Whether you are immersed in the study of consciousness like I am or you are a holistic energy healer seeking to provide your patients with the next level in mind-body-spirit improvement, you NEED this device in your home or office.

So here’s the deal I am offering to the Jay Campbell ecosystem.

Click this link to schedule a FREE 15-30 minute consultation with Caroline Stites herself. 

She (or one of her personally hand-selected experts) will walk you through the VibraGenix system and discuss how you can tailor its benefits to your body type and health goals. 

Make sure to tell her that I referred you and mention the code JayC for up to 15% OFF your purchase of a VibraGenix unit.

All shipments will take anywhere between 5-10 business days to arrive at your doorstep.

Go forth and experience the infinite healing power lying dormant within yourSELF!

As always…

Raise Your Vibration To Optimize Your Love Creation!

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